Thursday, June 16, 2016

Kayla the Bibliophile Does New Orleans (Sherrilyn Kenyon Tour)

On my four year wedding anniversary, April 17, 2014 we went to my favorite city in the entire world: New Orleans. And on this amazing trip, my hubby Jason humored me and joined me on the Dark Hunter tour, even playing photographer for me! Enjoy!


Home of the Howlers and Limani for all preternatural being.
688 Ursulines.

Peltier House

Shape-shifting dragon in the attic and Carson's hospital on the second floor ;-)

Erzulie's Voodoo Shop
You bet your sweet ass I bought Acheron's scent!

Boutique du Vampyre, one of Sherrilyn's favorite places!

Pere Antoine Alley, where lots of action scenes take place in the series!

From her website: If you look up, you’ll see the blue Ethel Kidd Realty sign. Right under it is where Stryker, Acheron and Nick meet in One Silent Night and walk together down Orleans to the St. Louis Cemetery.

From her site:
Another favorite haunt of the characters. Jean-Luc is often found at the bar, trading drinks and stories. Janice will often pass by to say hi on her way to get ice cream at the shop on the corner. At one time, the Boutique Du Vampyre was located here too.
But the most interesting thing about Pirate’s Alley is this. If you look up directly over the Old Absinthe House bar there on the corner of the top floor is the condo that belongs to none other than Acheron Parthenopaues (Pahr-thin-oh-
pay-us). That’s right, that’s where our favorite eleven thousand year old god chose to set up a location so that no one would get suspicious since he was spending so much time here and staying at no one’s house.
Yes, he could have continued to stay with Kyrian and Amanda, but he wanted to come and go without their getting suspicious. So he bought himself the tiny little condo up there that you’ll remember from his book. 

From her site:
Here it is... this is where the series began in Fantasy Lover with Selena and Grace having lunch on that fateful day. This site was chosen for one simple reason. This was where Sherri ate the very first time she came to New Orleans. It was here that she tasted Red Beans and Rice for the first time, and here she fell in love with the sights and sounds of the city.
She’d been studying for finals at the University of Georgia when her best friend Rebecca Baker who’d been coming here for years looked up at midnight and said, “We need a road trip.” Sherri had declined, saying she was out of her mind.
But within half an hour, Rebecca had talked her into it. The next thing she knew, they were headed out and the arrived just as dawn broke over the city. Sherri can still remember the first time she laid eyes on it. They could only stay a few hours, but here they ate and afterwards, they went for Beignets at CafĂ© Du Monde and they stopped at Laura’s Candies (just like Vane and Fang in Night Embrace) and picked up chocolate for the ride home. BTW she did make it back for finals. And she passed with an A.
From here you can see Jackson Brewery which was also featured in Fantasy Lover. Sherri worked at the Limited which had a store there when she lived here. And she would often come over here for lunch.
The corner right there with the street light is where Julian saved the little boy from being hit by a car and if you look at the mules and buggies, that’s where Zarek walked down the line of them in Night Embrace.
By the way, Sherri had put that they were mules, but the copyeditor on the book replaced it with horses. Sherri pitched a fit, but the book has horses in it and Sherri cringes to this day because New Orleanians know they have mules and buggies. And it was there that Vane and Bride took their carriage ride. Although, the did, for a very brief time use horses for the rides. But mules are more heat resistant and unlike a horse, a mule will stop when it’s overheated. A horse will go until it drops. So after about a year, the city returned to using mules. 

And saving the best for last, Cafe du Monde:
My daughter Avary, raising her hand for service. She was ready for her "donuts" <3

And more cool stuff I went to see: