Dare to Tell the Truth

Anybody interested in participating,
please contact me on my fb page at www.facebook.com/KaylaTheBibliophile ;-)

Here you will find a list of links to all the 
Dare to Tell the Truth interviews as they are posted!
Enjoy, and laugh your ass off!

Dare to Tell the Truth with Kayla the Bibliophile
Aleatha Romig
Jennifer Foor
Aly Martinez
Bella Jewel

Character Interviews

Professor Gabriel Emerson (Sylvain Reynard)
Sir & Brie (Red Phoenix)
Savannah & Brooklyn (Danielle Jamie)
Monica & Jonathan (CD Reiss) ~ Coming in 2014


History of the interview:
My fellow book lover over at Belladonna's Book Corner decided it was best to retire to spend more time with her family. Since I loved her section "20 Questions with a Crazy Chick" so much, she passed the torch to ME! I've tweeked it a bit, added my own Bibliophile flair, and changed the title since it was definitely NOT just 20 questions anymore...but the intentions and humor will always be an homage to the original <3


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