Friday, October 10, 2014

Sassy Sara's Review for Damned by David Michael

So here's the scoop.  I 'met' David back in February when we had sent out a general invitation here at KTB to any author that wanted to take our Dare.  Since then (has it really been 8 months?) we have worked together on his last few books and I even got to meet up with him a few times!  (That's me on the right!) And yes, he IS as cute and funny in person as he appears on Facebook in case you were wondering...   
Due to this you may think 'She's totally dickmatized by that picture she posted of him and completely biased.' Well, while some of that may be true (i'll let you sort out which bits) I'll tell you what I tell him after I give my honest opinion on ANYTHING he writes. 'What good does lying and kissing your ass do anyone?  If I tell you a shitty book is great, we BOTH look like asshats.'  So with that in mind, here is my fairly dickmatized and partially biased review. 

Book Four 
The United Series

So, if you read the description on Amazon or Goodreads, you already know that this is a whole lot of hot rolled up into one book.  You get all these combinations of bed partners together in one book and before you've even gotten 25% through the book, you need to set it down and take care of... well, you know... but this book is so much more than that.  Even after spending hours talking to an author about plot ideas and character development, you aren't always prepared for how it will all come together and blindside you.  David exceeded all my expectations with this book.  I wasn't prepared on any level for the vulnerability, the emotion, the connectedness of these characters to each other and to me.  To know that these characters have been through hell, literally and figuratively, with each other FOR each other shows that no man is an island.  I fell in love with Hayden's big heart and his appreciation for birds, Kane and his sexy confidence and unwavering support, Luke and his fierce protection of his 'family', Makkar's ability to hatch a plan and Sarah's never ending font of love for the men in her life.

There are days when you look around and can literally see these characters in your everyday life.  At home, at work, on Facebook, and THAT is what makes this book unlike many paranormal stories out there today.  The imagined and the unimaginable taking over your life and you end up learning how to see past all the crazy and go straight for what matters.  The people you love.  That love takes many forms in this book and I would ask you to keep an open mind but if it's not your thing, we have PLENTY of other suggestions for you. I mean, book 3 in the series is m/f and so hot I almost melted... Wait, I kinda did... Nevermind!  Just read this series.  It's thought and, yes at times, tear provoking but my hangover has never been so long from reading a book.  Ever. Seriously, it was like 5 weeks...  Absolutely worth the time and money as I've purchased it despite my free copy.

~Much Love
Sassy Sara

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  1. Okay, I'm sold. You had me at dickmatized. But I have to start with book 1.