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Blog Tour Stop & Sassy Sara's Review for City of Champions by Chloe T. Barlow


For those who have been anxiously awaiting this book for te past 8-ish months, those of you who are just realizing the greatness that is Chloe T Barlow, and those who are hearing about her for the first time: Fair warning, that Bitch had me ugly crying by the end of the prologue. Have no fear, I already yelled at Chloe for it and I may or may not have sent a selfie to said author showing my tear soaked face.  That's what you get for making me cry!!

So as you can tell, City if Champions starts off tugging your heart strings and once you get hooked, this story doesn't let you go.  You are brought into the world of Jenna, a woman who tries at all cost to be perfect and not get too attached to anyone or anything; it can only lead to heartache.  Until she meets Wyatt.  Jenna grew up around football and became an orthopedic surgeon so naturally, critiquing a player's performance she has seen play for years, in a professional capacity of course, shouldn't have such a big effect on her.  The trouble is, from the moment Jenna lays eyes on Wyatt, off the field, she knows he is different from all the men in her past.  Sure, she has the blonde bombshell looks going for her and the fact that she loves football is also a plus for this Pittsburgh Roughnecks starting quarterback but when it comes to this sexy doctor meeting him in a professional capacity he was expecting a woman that fall at his feet and do his bidding. 
Oh, he was so very wrong...  

Wyatt 'Gunslinger' McCoy had been playing in pain for quite some time and with his contract set to expire at the end of the season, surgery is one of the last things he needs if he wants to stay in Pittsburgh and be able to provide for his loved ones.  The son of the legendary football hero, Jim Mccoy, Wyatt has some big shoes to fill if he wants to make a name for himself and will do whatever it takes to get what he wants.  The fact that Jenna just happens to be one of the doctors he can seek a second opinion from just makes things easier for him.  With his killer body and the face of a god, he has never had a problem getting women to see his side of things but something about Jenna lets Wyatt know from the start that this will be an uphill climb.  Is she worth it? Well at the very least, it'll be fun trying!

Total 5 star read even if you're not that big of a sports fan.  Chloe had me cracking up to the banter of these three best friends, Althea, Jenna and Aubrey.  The fact that Aubrey indicated that her cardio workout was jumping to conclusions and Althea had no problem throwing Jenna to the wolves (or just this one wolf) brought you back to what made book one, Three Rivers, so amazing.  This unbreakable bond that these ladies share is something to admire.  That they are all learning about relationships as they go and no one in this series has life all figured out makes these characters people you might see in your everyday life.  THAT is what I connect to when I read Chloe's books.  Sure, billionaires and famous people can be fun but it's the person behind that mask that I either connect to or the book isn't as good as it could be.  Thank God my girl can write.  It was well worth the wait and from the snippet at the end, book 3 looks like it will be a scorcher! Yum!!  For those of you that missed it, check out my review of Three Rivers and Chloe's super sexy Dare to Tell the Truth interview!

~Much Love,
Sassy Sara

Author: Chloe Barlow
Title: City of Champions (Gateway to Love, #2)
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: November 10, 2014

Price Details: Three Rivers and City of Champions will be at reduced prices of $0.99 for a limited time starting with City's release. Three Rivers will then return to normal price of $2.99 and City to $3.99.

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Three Rivers Deleted Scene 
(Gateway to Love, #1)

“You look really hot Tea.” Aubrey assured her.
“I don’t know, it feels a little exposed.” Althea looked at herself in the mirror, alternately tugging the top up and the hem further down on the deep red dress Aubrey and Jenna had chosen for her. It was low cut and gathered provocatively around her breasts, with ruching between them and at the waist. The straps were thick and soft and sat just on her shoulders. It was hot and flattering in a Lana Turner kind of way, without being trashy, but it was the most blatantly sexy thing she'd worn since Jack died.
“Not at all,” Jenna said. “You look really pretty.”
“Okay,” Althea responded, pulling on the straps, “but you guys are on duty tonight. There is no way to wear a bra with this dress and you need to let me know if the girls try to escape or the bar is cold and I get a wee tit nipply over here.”
“Of course!” Aubrey assured her as she leaned down and saluted Althea’s breasts, “Officers Cooper and Sutherland reporting for booby watch, sir. No boobs are going AWOL on our watch.”
Althea giggled and ran her fingers through her hair, noticing her empty fingers. She’d made some attempts to stop wearing her rings years ago, but something about the sultriness of her make up and dress made their absence stand out to her. It caused Althea to feel that pang of guilt like she was cheating, but she just kept reciting her new mantra: Baby Steps, Baby Steps, to herself. A reminder that she needed to make some kind of changes in her life. If a pretty red dress that brought out the auburn highlights in her hair and showcased her golden-toned skin in a way that made her feel really pretty, then it couldn’t be a bad thing, right? Right.
“Thanks Brey. Now, if I can just not kill myself in these crazy heels you leant me...don’t look at me like that. I am totally grateful because these peep toe shoes are so cute, but I hope you drive me to the hospital if I break an ankle.”
“Hopefully you won’t be walking on these shoes for long. Ideally they will be brushing your ears later.” Aubrey said with a saucy wink.
“Aubrey, seriously! You two are too much.”
“So, you’ve got the shoes, the great dress, love the soft peekaboo waves. All perfect. Sexy without trying too hard. One last check, are you waxed?” Aubrey asked.
“Brey, give me a break here.”
“This is important Tea. I know you’ve had a no vacancy sign on your beave for almost six years now, but I seriously hope you've still been getting your muff de-fluffed because there is nothing more embarrassing than finally getting ready to close the deal, only to have the guy discover you are all 1970’s wild and wooly style down there.”
“Don’t worry, I have continued to be early 2000’s bare, thank you very much. Now can we please go? Even if I don’t meet anyone who wants to discover what decade my private parts favor, I seriously need a strong cocktail after all of this crazy prep.”
“Drink it is!” Jenna exclaimed. "Ladies, its time to bring some sexy back.” Althea rolled her eyes as everyone grabbed their purses and headed out. She sent a quick text to Carol to ask how Johnny was doing. She got a quick reply: “Johnny and I are having a great night. You girls have fun!” Althea cringed sending a silent thank you that Jack’s mother had no idea what kind of fun her friends had in mind for her tonight.
“You coming Tea?” Jenna asked from the door.
“Yup, let’s do this,” and with that, they left the house to start some baby killer high heels.

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