Monday, March 31, 2014

Blog Tour & Sassy Sara's Review for Three Rivers by Chloe T. Barlow

I love the Steel City.  I lived in a lovely suburb of Pittsburgh called Bethel Park while my dad worked for US Steel.  When we moved to NJ I felt like I left part of my heart behind in that city.  Reading this book brought a bit of that back for me!
A small town dressed up as a big city... 

When tragedy strikes, how do you move on?  In a strange city, with no friends living nearby, how do you continue to wake up and go on as if you aren't the broken and fragile person you feel like inside?  Well, super hot sex is one way!  Years after Althea's heart breaks she is finally ready to take some baby steps into the kiddie pool of romance.  Can she let herself go long enough to get lost with a stranger for just one night?  She won't have to worry about painful attachments or a messy romance if she only spends the one night.  Right? 

The way that Chloe treats the 3 Rivers as if it was another character in the book was beautiful!  I enjoyed that the city of Pittsburgh played as much of a part in this story as some of the smaller characters in this book.  As someone that has looked over a picture of Pittsburgh at night hanging in the hall of my parent's home, I could almost see these two lovers stealing one night to themselves.  

I'm really excited to read the next installment of this series.  It's hard to believe that this is the author's first work.  The story, editing and overall feel of this book is that of an author that has been writing for years.  Great job, Chloe!

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  1. Woo hoo! I love this review! You really captured so much of what I wanted to come through in this story. And I LOVE the graphics :)
    Thanks so much.