Monday, August 26, 2013

Avery Aster Edition: Dare to Tell the Truth with Kayla the Bibliophile


All time Smuttiest book?
Hmmm. Caught by Claire Thompson. It doesn’t have a HEA and it’s not very romantic but it’s hardcore erotic. I called out from work to finish reading it.

When did you lose you V-Card?
Oh heavens! I was sixteen. It was in a church parking lot, I had borrowed my parent’s station wagon and well…

Pet Peeves?
Loud eaters. I don’t mind if you chew with your mouth open, but I don’t want to hear you mowing down on your food as if you were a goat with grass on a farm.

Have you always loved books?
I worked at a library in high school. The head librarian pulled me into her office one day and told me I wasn’t putting the books away fast enough and asked what I was doing during my shift since clearly I wasn’t working. My reply….reading. It’s been a compulsion pretty much ever since.

What’s your biggest turn on?
Forearms. Don’t ask me why, but tree trunk arms are a sure signal of strength to me. I love a man who can lift things up (me) and put them down

What’s your biggest turn off?
Cheapness. If I’m on a date and a guy complains about the cost of something or talks about the market and how he lost his investment in a stock or spent too much on a cab…I’m like, “check please!”

Favorite non-naughty entertainment:
I love plays like Terrence McNally’s opera trilogy after “The Lisbon Traviata.” The funniest play that ever came to Broadway was “Boeing-Boeing.” A farce written by French playwright Marc Camoletti about three flight attendants who are all dating the same guy. I almost pee’d my pants from laughing so hard.

Strangest places you’ve ever had sex?
The Intercontinental Hotel in San Salvador, El Salvador.

What was so strange about having sex in El Salvador?
He didn’t speak any English. I didn’t speak any Spanish. But somehow, it worked!

Screamer, Moaner, or Silent?
Sometimes I whistle making a humming noise…kidding. If my mouth isn’t gagged with a ball or tied shut with a strap I’m usually moaning, if not singing or speaking in tongue. Who doesn’t?

Dark, Milk, or White Chocolate?
Teuscher Chocolates of Switzerland are quite simply the best effin’ chocolate on the planet, so as they say…you should only buy a Swiss made watch; you should only eat Swiss chocolates. But who am I fooling? I’ll eat American Hershey’s too. I’m a slut for chocolate. Are you sharing your candy with me today?

Are you a "sports fan" like Taddy?
Oh come on…The Giants. They have quarterback Eli Manning. He’s most adorable. As Taddy Brill, from Unscrupulous, would say, he’s a hunkadoris. And I just can’t get into that Jets green color, can you? It’s so…meh.

Favorite magazine?
 I love Vanity Fair. It’s gossipy. If I wanna catch fashion I can go to a show or walk down the street. But getting the dish, I count on Graydon Carter at VF. His editors have been a huge inspiration for the Vive Farnworth character in my series. She owns Debauchery magazine and is getting her own love story in book four.

Leather or Lace
Leather. I get great arousal from the way it smells on me and others when it’s worn. Don’t you?

Favorite alcoholic beverage?
Hands down, Moët & Chandon and not just because it’s featured in Unscrupulous (The Manhattanites #2) and my lead heroine Taddy Brill’s favorite, but it tastes smoother. Veuve is wonderful too, but sometimes a bit dry for me and that big yellow sticker can be obnoxious. Just sayin’!

Commando, boxers, or briefs?
None of the above. Jock strap, please. I adore the way it frames and lifts a man’s ass, so perfect. (or not!)

Do you like to shop?
I’m a Bergdorf blonde through and through. I love David Hoey’s windows during Christmas and can get lost in that store. Dear credit department, if you’re reading this, can you please increase my charge limit? Thank you!

What do you find most sexually arousing?
Read Chapter Fourteen in Unscrupulous and you’ll find out. Come on, buy the book.

Read anything good lately?
I devoured The Virgin Hostage by Shayla Black and Lexi Blake. The story’s set up worked, it’s well-written and the sex scenes are flawless. In the new adult genre I recently discovered Kate Laurens who writes the Safe Haven series. Start with Love me for Me then read Love Me If You Dare.

What’s your best asset?
My eyes. They are blue, and men kinda go bonkers over them.
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