Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Sassy Sara's Review of Saved by David Michael

I didn’t realize just how much trouble I was in when I got this ARC.  I mean, I’ve read a ton of other series by new authors and while this series has gotten exponentially better with each book, how much could an author really improve in the span of a few months? 

The answer? Well, let’s just say it went from hand grenade in book one, to a rocket launcher in book two and book three is definitely a dirty bomb.   At this rate, the end of the series might be close to A-bomb level!  Seriously, I was knocked off my feet and ill prepared to read this book.   I am a proud smut reader.  I have read a number of different genres of smut.  I have reached a level to where I am known to my friends as a smut connoisseur.  I embrace it.  So when David mentioned that this book would have hot under the covers action (or other places for that matter), I was right in the front of the line to read it.  I’ve seen enough of his posts and we’ve chatted enough for me to trust that when he says it’s hot.  He’s telling the truth.  I mean, he took a selfie of his morning wood and posted it to Facebook AND did Cock in a Sock!  So…. What was I saying? Oh!  Right.  Hot book… sorry, I was thinking about those pics…  mmmmm……  ANYWAY! 

Book three introduces us to Aziza and her cast of characters.  Her ex-debutant friends, temperamental family, crazy cat Jynx and her potential love interest, Landon begin consuming your world. The buildup from book 1 was unbearable.  I knew based on things said in book one that the chemistry between Ardra and Kaiser was going to light some serious fireworks if/when Ardra ever got to the point where she could see past her strict Mormon upbringing or get married so that hot and sweaty sexy times could begin.  At this point I’m not going to spoil the book by telling you any more but tensions are high and some relief might be just what the witch doctor ordered.

The characters, plot, and pace of this story were so great that the end kinda pissed me off.  I felt like Veruca Salt.  But Daddy, I want it NOW! I felt the momentum and saw the count on my kindle but no matter how much I was prepared for it to end, I still was expecting another 30 chapters to magically begin at the 100% mark.   Alas, I have another 3 months of torture before I will get to read more of this series but I’m REALLY looking forward to Damned.  I heard a dirty little rumor that there might be some sexy times for my man Luke in this one!  
A girl can only hope… and wait…

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Much Love
~Sassy Sara

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