Sunday, June 22, 2014

Saved - Keep The Dream Alive

I have a confession to make... I LOVE DAVID MICHAEL.  There.  My confession has been made, I feel so much better!  Now on to the reason for this post.  Have you ever REALLY cared about someone to the point where their dreams are your dreams?  Well, you now might have an understanding for the reason I'm doing this.  David has a dream of breaking into the top 10,000 in Amazon.  He is currently at 16k which when you think that there are over 3,000,000 books, isn't too bad.  I want to see this happen.  I have been fortunate to meet so many wonderful indie authors and do what I can in my way to see that their dreams happen.  If you ARE an indie author, you understand how difficult this journey is but that the support of fans, friends, family and blogs continue to keep your dream alive.  His book is only $3.99 for the kindle version and honestly, I spent more this morning on my Starbucks Cafe Mocha than you will spend to help my dear friend see his dream come to life.  

What would you pay to see your friend's dream come true, you ask?  Well, I have a rather large stock pile of signed paperbacks and swag that I am willing to part with from the 3 signings I have been to so far this year that is up for grabs.  Everything but the paperbacks is open internationally. Saved is the third book in the series but reads as a stand alone novel.  It's super sexy, funny, suspenseful, and utterly thought provoking.  Seriously, an amazing read.  I'm not just saying that because I want you to buy it, I'm never one to promote authors or stories I am not an honest fan of.  I'm hoping that somehow we can get around 100 purchases in the next 3 days and would love your help to make that happen.  I have a link to the book in the event that you want to check it out or want to help without entering the giveaway.  Either way, please share, tweet, tag your friends, write a review, tell the world.
Save a dream.

He was one of only 5 men brave enough to take our Dare.  
Check it out!

David Michael Edition: Dare to Tell the Truth with Kayla the Bibliophile

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David thanks you, and so do I!!

~Much Love,
Sassy Sara

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