Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Inescapable Desire Exclusive Excerpt

Exclusive Excerpt

Kayden’s hoarse voice meets my ears “You…feel so fucking amazing.” Running his, hands into my hair pulling my mouth back down to meet his. He kisses me as if he needs it as much as he needs air to breath.

We collapse onto the bed, our chests rising and falling rapidly as our bodies try to recover from the mind-blowing orgasms we just experienced together. “My entire body is numb!”

Rolling onto his side, Kayden leaned on his elbow. Gazing down at me with his gorgeous green eyes, He affectionately brushes the loose strands of hair off my face. “I would risk my dick falling off, to hear you say that multiple times a day,” he said laughing and trailing a path of hot kisses along my arm. “You are most certainly, the sexiest woman I have ever laid eyes on. Do you know how hard I have to fight the urge to take you every second of the day and fuck you until you come undone all around me? When you’re around…I can’t focus on anything else but you.”

“I think I might be a bad influence on you Kayden, how are you supposed to take over the world, when I am constantly tempting you to be naughty with me?” I remarked with a soft chuckle.

Hissing loudly he grabbed my hip with his free hand. “I would risk being a poor beggar on the streets, if it meant I was able to fuck you morning, noon and night my sweet, sweet Savannah,” he said kissing a path along my neck and down my jaw.

“Heyy now!” I squeal wiggling away from Kayden’s kiss. “As badly as I want to go for round two, you Mr. Knox have business meetings to attend this morning. I will not allow you to be late.” I jumped out of the bed laughing followed by Kayden, chasing me into the closet.

“I own the damn company, so if I want to be late…damn it I’ll be late.” His toned, muscular body pressing against my backside pinned me to the wall. My body is once more engross by desire, butterflies erupting inside of me franticly. No longer in control, despite my best efforts to fight temptation, it is physically impossible, our bodies are en-slaved by an unquenched need for each other. “Fucking your sweet little pussy sounds a hell of a lot better, than a meeting full of stuffy old men.”

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