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Laura Cooper's 7 Deadly Sins Series Part 1: Lust

I have discovered the absolute most pleasurable torture.... Serials. No not the killer kind...although sometimes when they end on a crazy cliffhanger I feel like killing someone...namely the author...but I won't because I just GOTTA know what happens next!!! Yes, I'm talking about the thing some authors are doing now where they release a "part", "short story", or "chapter" one by one and then eventually release it into a full length novel. My first experience with this was the "Dominated by the Billionaire" series by Sara But I came into that series when she was already 5 books in so I didn't have to sit through the torture of each being released one by one...then came Red Phoenix... <3 Again, though, I came in when she was already finishing up the first full length novel version and I've been steadily having to wait for each "After Graduation" part to release before she releases it in September. Now here's the first REAL experience of finding a serial from Part 1, falling head over heels for it, and now having to wait for each part to release. That series is Laura Cooper's 7 Deadly Sins Series...

This review is for Part 1: Lust
Here's the blurb, which INSTANTLY made me want to put it at the head of my TBR list:

Laura Cooper is writing a series based on the 7 Deadly Sins. Each sin is getting its own "part"as it tells the tale of Carlton and Liz.

It was a fresh start, and as a recent graduate from the Charleston School of Law, it was a way to pad her resume with a high powered New York Law firm. But most of all, it was away from him.The last thing she needed was another relationship, especially since her devastating break up with her master, Benton Frazier. Burned one too many times, this submissive was ready to put her past behind her. She just never figured on Carlton.Liz could have easily taken a local job offer in Charleston.
However, since her brother waited for her to graduate, it was now his time to pursue his fashion career in New York City. Now that her parents were gone, Palmer was all she had. Everything seemed to be falling into place until she met him. Now, all she can think about is Carlton.Carlton was dreamy. Handsome, rugged, and well dressed. Deep brown eyes the color of chocolate, and the silken voice with a hint of an English accent that simply drove her crazy. But she soon finds out that Carlton is much more than he appeared to be.Although not her first choice, New York did offer her a way to pad her resume while her brother completed his education. Besides, getting away from her relationship with Benton Frazier was just what the doctor ordered.

Didn't I tell you?! And this isn't one of those books where you get all excited over the synopsis of the book and then you're like "Well, it was a good IDEA, but then it fell short." Oh HELL no... this is just part 1 and I'm already completely in love with this series! The story is even better than what the description hints at!From the second Liz meets Carlton in the elevator...YOU are drooling and tingling all over. You feel what Liz is feeling, the nerves, the excitement...her reaction to him is EXACTLY what I would have had. Have you ever come across a man that is just so blindingly gorgeous that you lose all sense of yourself and have no idea what a bumbling idiot you must look like as you just stare at him because you can't figure out if he's actually real? (gasp for air after that sentence...) Yea...thats Carlton. And! (cue the trumpets) Voila...we have our 1st Deadly Sin...LUST.
Thank GOODNESS she's releasing these books every Wednesday (much quicker than most serials are released) because I don't know what I would do with myself if I had to find out what will happen next between these two. Plus I absolutely adore her brother. You'll just have to read it in order to see why I'm so excited over this series!!

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