Monday, July 15, 2013

Me and MY "Big John"!

One of my favorite characters in the This Man Series is Jesse and Ava's security that goes by the name "Big John". He is described as a "big silent giant that turns out to be the big, friendly giant, but I still wouldn't want to cross him." by Ava. To everyone else though, he is a huge, intimidating, almost terrifying man who would do ANYTHING to protect his employers/friends. He's part of their family and they love him, and in turn YOU love him.
 I happen to have my very own Big John, and he happens to look JUST LIKE the way Jesse's is described. (All but for the gold tooth ;-)  He even has that deep, resonating voice!
He's my husband's life-long, great friend from middle school, and he was also a groomsman in our wedding! He works in security (go figure), very intimidating and can lift my husband with one hand; but he's the kindest guy, absolutely hilarious, and gives the best hugs! Meet MY Big John...
Big John and my daughter Avary when she was itty bitty! She LOVES him <3

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