Saturday, April 19, 2014

Sassy Sara's Review of Underdogs of the Arena by Eva LeNoir

Before I knew she was an amazing author, I met Eva through the CD Reiss' fan page.  Always the fun and energetic fan, she quickly made me feel at home with all the other CD Songbirds.  Then I found out she wrote!  I was so excited to become friends with someone and THEN learn they write, usually it's the other way around.  Ladies and gentlemen, what a pleasant surprise awaits you in her books!  

The Underdogs of the Arena series is a 4 book with the first 3, Bloodweight, Stone Cold & White Fire all out now and I hope to see book four by this summer (please?!?!?!?)  The series is about  paranormal underground MMA fighting ring with all different species of paranormal fighters.  Who will reigh supreme?? The primary focus in Bloodweight is an underdog named Ellen.  We start out at the championship battle where she is up against a fierce opponent.  The outcome stirs the fears of not only Ellen's trainer, Stones, but also the leader of the Arena, Nash.  While Ellen and Nash have always had a love/hate business relationship, she seems to keep to the adage 'Keep your friends close and your enemies closer' because that is exactly what she does.

The second book of the series, Stone Cold, is about Ellen's trainer, Jared Stones.  He epitomizes everything an Alpha male should be.  He's strong, direct, takes no prisoners, does things his way and will not let anyone get in the way of what he feels is his.  That is until the one thing he prized above everything else, Sloane, walks away from him after crumbling under pressure from her brother.  It breaks them both at an elemental level but they he is too proud and she is too scared to change what happened years ago.  That is until she walks into the Arena at the side of her best friend, Ellen and opens wounds in each of them they thought were long healed.  The only problem is now that she is back, old feelings and new feuds are threatening these star crossed lovers once again.  Will they be able to make it through this turmoil a second time?

Book Three is about Sloane's brother Kyle and while I really can't tell you much without spoiling the plot of the book, I can tell you that as hot as book one and two are, this was my favorite.  Aishlyn is brought into Kyle's life for mysterious reasons that neither of them quite understand but the attraction is instantaneous and definitely mutual.  The main hurdle?  Only her betrothed can touch her.  Literally.  How, do you ask, can you have an erotic book if the love interests can't even hold hands?  Well, that is part of what made this book so freaking HOT.  Trust me, you will NOT want to miss this!

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  1. Thank you so much, Sassy! I'm so glad you enjoyed my stories and I can't wait to see what you think of Jonas! <3

  2. I agree Sassy these ate great books!! Eva's writing is fun, engaging & totally relatable. I love how the series evolves through each book & White Fire was my favourite too.