Sunday, December 22, 2013

Review of Meg Silver's The Nights of Yes PLUS a Kayla Exclusive

So class, who's read Fantasy Heights by Meg Silver?  You all have? Great!  There is not only a wealth of suspense in that series but also a ton of hot sex! In the immortal words of The Barefoot Contesssa "How bad could that be?"

The Nights of Yes is the followup to Meg's successful series about a girl who starts a job at a Fantasy resort, specializing on making your sexual fantasies... come... to life.  Before I started writing for Ms. Kayla, I was a frequent pimper on my personal page of Meg's work.  I was aproached by one of my friends, a big, tall, manly, football player whose message to me was 'Wow Sara, I didn't know it was like THAT!"  Well, he sure does now!  I was so excited to see where Meg would go from the novella series that put her on the map to a full length stand alone story; I was not in any way disappointed.  I got sucked into this story and ended up staying awake until 3:30AM to finish it and was so happy I did!

Carmen Lowell meets the perfect guy at the worst possible moment. She's just penned a pair of billion-dollar contracts. Her promotion will devour what little time she has for a personal life.
But Mark Rhodes is powerful temptation. Handsome, smart and definitely not interested in her money, he's the only man she's ever met who's hot enough to make her think twice.
Thrown together by a slight disaster, they strike a bargain to stop saying no, and come together for The Nights of Yes.

I really appreciated this book's take on a female CEO who struggles to say yes.  Yes to herself, yes to her family, yes to the man that she could love but feels like me may be more of a distraction than she can handle.  There are so many books out there now where the guy can think of his career first and can suggest hooking up just because he doesn't want the complications.  Why can't women ask for the same thing without being seen as a slut?  I enjoyed that there was no power play when it came to their personalities or careers.  

They are both strong, wealthy, and caring people that are genuinely interested in their work. As someone who has worked in a male dominated industry most of my adult life I appreciate that she isn't willing to settle for what might be nothing more than a very sexy but all too temporary distraction.  She is also able to do with ease something that I struggle to do every day; say no and mean it.  When she finally says yes, the sparks flew and Meg's gift for writing some seriously hot scenes takes over.  There was suspense, good character development, and of course Meg's wit to round up what I feel is a great follow up to her amazing Fantasy Heights series.  Can't wait to read Meg's next book!  In case you haven't read Meg's books, here is the link to her Amazon page.  I actually bought all the novellas separately then the paperback... yeah, I kinda liked it...

Here's your Exclusive!  Just click the link, I almost cried I was laughing so hard!!

Much Love and Happy Holidays,
~Sassy Sara

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