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Beck Blog Tour Stop and Harper Sloan Dare to Tell the Truth with Kayla The Bibliopohile


Where do I begin? By saying that this book is in my opinion proof that Harper keeps getting better with every story she writes? By saying that I cried like a hungry baby while reading this? By saying that in a real way I have begun to look at life differently since reading this book?  Well, all of that would be true.   Oh yeah, and of course, Beck's smokin hot, so there's that....
'I'm pretty sure I blacked out.  Hell, I might've died and gone to Heaven, had tea with Jesus, and then fallen back to earth.  He is that good.'
Let me start by saying if you haven't read Axel or Cage yet, you may want to skip to the interview link a the bottom of the page. These are stand alone books but they are interconnected so you may inadvertently read something that could be construed as a spoiler.  I HATE when that happens so I'm warning you up front. 

So, in Axel we got to meet Dee, who is Izzy's best friend and at the beginning of the book her roommate.  Dee has been Izzy's biggest cheerleader, her confidant, her sister from another mister and literally the reason she is alive.  Since Dee has needed to be strong for her BFF and through lifelong lessons a Fort Knox strength wall has surrounded her heart and her emotions for as long as she can remember.  No man, except for Cage, has been there for her.  Ever.  Dee has gone from distraction to distraction knowing up front that these men she engages with will never be more than one night of fun. That is until she meets Beck.

Beck is one of the good guys.  He has an honor code that is almost the exact opposite of his best friend Coop but for once he listens to his friend hoping to get Dee to see what she is missing. He has done everything he can to show her that he is the man who will be with her no matter what life throws at them.  He sees Dee for who she is and realizes that this happy face she wears is just to cover any suspicion that deep down she is drowning in sadness and fear.  Beck's friends all think he is crazy for waiting years to be with her, content to take what little she is giving him, but he has no doubt that she is the one for him.  Just when things could finally start to blossom between these star crossed lovers, tragedy strikes and takes them back to square 1.  I think I loved this book more than the others in the series BECAUSE Dee was not as strong as she has appeared to be in the other books.  She has taken care of Izzy and sat back while others got their HEA but she puts on an act to mask how she feels inside.  I think it takes real balls to make it to the other side after everything that went down.  The fact that Beck saw behind all the bullshit and made her own up to the fact that she was pretending to be happy instead of living life to it's fullest made me love him that much more.  
"Patience wasn't even a factor.  When you love someone, you fight.  You fight for them and then you fight with them.  She needed me to fight for her then, and I'll continue to do that until she can fight for herself again."
I refuse to tell you what made me cry like a second grader pushed down at the playground.  All I can say is that puffs plus with lotion was the way to go with this book. You don't want to be emotional AND have a sore nose and eyes because of excessive tissue use.  (You're welcome!!) 
With a healthy dose of the local Diva, Sway, and the comraderie of the men at Corps Security this book will also has tons of ways to make you cry with laughter so either way you will need those tissues :) 
A deep southern drawl that can be heard over the pounding beat of the music, wraps around me like a warm blanket of sin, and my poor neglected vagina perks right up and says 'hey... me, pick me'!
Did I mention how hot this book was? Lord.  Harper has a way of writing that will even melt the panties off a leather and latex wearing Domme.  Man,  I knew I liked dirty talkers but Beck?  He could rival my man Tack for flipping my switch.

Harper has also taken the time out to take our Dare to Tell the Truth interview...  You NEED to read this.  In true Harper fashion, it's hysterical!!

I Triple Dog Dare You To Read This

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