Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Review of Lola Stark's Conflicted Love

Conflicted Love...  

Yeah, that was one way to describe Trip and Teeny at the beginning of this book.  There was so much happening between these two characters during Tattered Love that we never heard about and Conflicted Love tells you exactly what was happening between Teeny and Trip when Mace and Scarlett weren't looking.
"Don't push me, Princess. I'm clear out of give-a-fucks and my dick's so hard it could hammer nails.  Move that sweet ass before I bend it over and fuck it into oblivion." I growled in her ear driving the point home with a quick swat to her ass.
It should come as no shock to anyone that knows me that I'm a HUGE fan of tattoos.  And Motorcycles. And hot Marines. And Alpha men.  That Lola is able to add all of that into one series without it seeming like a gimmick or a used up plot makes me love this lady even more.  Trust me, I've read enough books to know...   Her ability to make you love people that you originally thought were assholes is something I will never understand but always appreciate.  I was on the fence about Trip.  I seriously thought he was an asshat and needed to leave Teeny alone.  By the end of the second chapter I was completely on team Trip.  How does she do that?!?!

There are so many things that have to be worked out since Trip has never been with a girl more than once. Ever. Now that he is faced with being a father, he is struggling to figure out how to get Teeny to see him as more than just transportation to and from her doctors appointments.  For once he wants more from a woman and he can't have it.  
I hadn't beat the meat this much since I'd figured out what it was for.  I was ninety-percent sure I was forming blisters and I was ready to take out shares in the world's largest lotion company.
These two characters are faced with a serious life altering decision.  Do they have a child even though the bonds of love are not there to hold them together or do they let it go and hope that some day they can all be happy and move on with their lives?

I'm a huge Lola fan, so when I actually ended up winning a swag pack from her (yes, I saved the envelope because it came to me from Australia!) I was excited to see this dog tag inside.  I don't know that anyone in this story will get me going as much as Mace but let me tell you, Trip definitely caught my attention in this book.  He showed me all the reasons Scarlett liked him so much.  I guess Lola will need to send me another tag that say's Trip's Tramp now?? lol...  Next up?  We get into some really murky water while we read about Jude. I have a feeling that fists are gonna start to fly!

Much Love
~Sassy Sara

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