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Sassy Sara's Review of Unscrupulous by Avery Aster

Anyone who is a regular reader of the blog is probably thinking, 'Wait. Didn't they already review this book?' and that would be yes.  Here's the thing, when Kayla told me this was a 'Must Read' as in I'm required to read it in order to stay book besties with her, I picked it up. True to her word this book was awesome.  I just felt like this book needed a bit more exposure since it's been out for a while now and what better way that give MY opinion on things? I've attached links to Kayla's review and the Dare to Tell the Truth interview that Avery Aster took just so you can have access to all of them right here!

Taddy Brill is the daughter of Manhattan socialite parents who grew up with the good life.  She had everything she could have ever wanted including a best friend that lived in the same building.  She was as happy as any child devoid of any real parental love could be but one day changed all of that.  Ever since she was 12, Taddy found that her best option was to look out for number 1 and her real friends.  Everyone else could take her or leave her and she didn’t think twice about letting people go.  She was considered a heartless bitch that had no real feelings since they only led to heartbreak and confusion.

There is something to be said for being a bitch. My friend said that bitches sleep better at night.  After reading this book I really wonder if that is the case at all.  I mean, Taddy had so many ways of escaping reality but at the end of the day when she went to sleep she was alone (except for her Shih Tzus) and lonely.  She didn’t realize how alone she was until the one man she couldn’t do without walked out of her life.  Now Taddy is forced to acknowledge that she wanted and deserved all the love she has been denying herself of for years.

Sweet Jesus on a saltine cracker, you’re a freaky deaky.  She wondered if there was anything he couldn’t do for her.
Intense. Real. Hers.

Warner Truman is a self-made man that started his hotel business by helping his neighbor with her B&B.  After a terrible excuse for a fiancĂ© ends up attempting to sleep with his brother, Warner wants nothing to do with women who need him for his money.  He has always been generous with his brother, Sheldon, but has never felt comfortable being the third richest man in the world running the third largest hotel and resort chain in the world.  Still, he works hard to see that his vision and passion for his hotels is renowned wherever he goes.  He has learned how to balance life and work and it’s while he is vacationing at his resort at St. Barth he meets the girl of his dreams: Mademoiselle Red.

Since this is the second book of the Manhattanites Series but the first story in the timeline, reading this book first is actually a really great idea.  I freaked out a bit when I saw that it was book 2 but since this prequel lays the foundation for the rest of the series, it’s perfectly fine to read this book first.  Either way, it’s a fun and funny read that has you rooting for a Mormon, worrying about a hypochondriac mother, and questioning how bad your childhood really was in comparison to the way that Taddy, Lex and Vive grew up. 

Here are the promised links!  There are book links as well as ways to stalk, I mean, FOLLOW Avery in Kayla's review, enjoy!!

Much Love
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