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Belle Aurora's Willing Captive Blog Tour Stop: Kayla the Bibliophile

5 Star Review for Willing Captive

When Belle Aurora asked me to share a teaser for her then-upcoming release Willing Captive, there was no hesitation. I am always impressed with anything that wonderful Aussie author writes. When I read the teaser, I immediately added it to my TBR list, PLUS the release date was written in my planner, which is reserved only for the books I am most excited about. If you’re added to my planner, that pretty much means that I will drop anything I’m in the middle of so I can devour it. 

So imagine how freakin’ ecstatic I was when my editing partner-in-crime asked me if I had an opening to edit a book by the lovely Belle…I think my exact words were “If it’s Willing Captive, you bet your sweet ass I do! Gimme Gimme Gimme!!!!”

And I will tell you right now, flat out, I was NOT let down. There are some books that get all the hype, and people get so pumped for it to release, and sometimes, they’ll even get amazing reviews. But then they are a total let down. NOT WILLING CAPTIVE! It was even BETTER than I was hoping! Not only that, but from an editor’s standpoint, it was a pleasure. She’s an author who knows what the heck she’s doing. It was also HILARIOUS editing for an Aussie. The book is set in the USofA, so I also got the pleasure of Americanizing it for her. Here's a look behind the scenes at some of the fun I got to have with Belle while trying to translate some of her Awesome-Aussiness ;-)
Nox has ALPHA’ed his way onto my List of Top 5 Book Boyfriends.  Somehow, he is the perfect combination of aggressive he-man and gentle giant. He is this huge, imposing, delicious man that can shove Lily against a wall and have his snarling, growling way with her….but then turn around and snuggle up to her spoon-style and say the most romantic and sweetest things that have ever come out of anyone’s mouth…and Belle portrays him flawlessly. Some female authors just can’t do a man’s POV, but Belle has a talent for it…who knows, maybe she was a dude in another life.

Book Description:

Delilah “Lily” Flynn is used to her drab existence. Lily’s been living it for twenty two years.
Her boring life is suddenly turned on its head when she’s rudely kidnapped from her bedroom.
Or so she thinks.
Nox Taylor is far too high up in his field to be assigned a babysitting job.
There’s nothing more he wants than to complete his mission so he can be rid of the smartass tomboy, Lily.
Day after day, Nox watches Lily and her strange ways. She’s unlike any woman he’s ever met.
Getting close to the girl is purely for her own protection…right?
Lily never imagined she’d make her first real friends in captivity.
What lengths would she go through to keep them?

Although Nox was by far the best male lead I’ve read in a really long time, my favorite scenes in the book were the ones that included Lily and Boo. Lily has been so completely sheltered her entire life that she has no friends to speak of. Sure, she has her sister, but nothing compares to the friendship that she finds with the tough and sexy Boo. This is why I DEMANDED Belle write me an exclusive BONUS scene with Boo and Lily before our hero and heroine…get it on.
Running into Boo’s room, I slam the door shut behind me.
She turns to me, looking stunned. Panting, I whisper-hiss, “How do I do sex?”
The shocked look on her face fades. She motions to the bed and smiles big, “Take a seat. We have much to discuss.”
Wringing my hands together, I walk forward and sit on the very edge of the bed. I’m trying not to look like a junkie waiting for her next fix, but my knees shake with nervousness.
I’m freaking out!
Boo chuckles and shakes her head. “Damn, girl. I knew it was only a matter of time, what with Nox being Nox, but…” Her smile dies a slow death as she whispers, “You sure about this?”
No hesitation. “Yes.” She doesn’t look convinced. I smile shyly. “He’s it. I’m ready.”
Her eyes smile. She claps her hands together. “Well, alright! Let’s get you prepared.” Walking over to the bed, she stops halfway with a jerk. Her face bunches in confusion. “Maybe you better tell me what you actually know about sex and I’ll fill in the blanks.”
This is not an unreasonable view of how to go about things, but being in the jittery state I’m in, I burst out, “Boo, I know nothing! I’ve never even kissed a guy before Nox! Oh, I know I talk big game when it comes to my books, but…” I lean forward and whisper-hiss, “I. Know. Nothing!”
Boo’s eyes widen and she says quietly, “Okie dokie.” Taking a seat next to me, she opens her mouth then snaps it shut. She does this two more times before I throw myself back on the bed and whine, “Boo! Not helping!”
Her hand squeezes my knee. “I’m sorry! I was an only child and didn’t have many girl friends. This is freaking me out!”
Sitting up, I spin towards her. “Just treat this like a sex-ed class. You don’t know me and I don’t know you. You’re just my teacher right now. Okay?” My eyes plead.
She smirks. “Okay. Well, let’s talk about the penis. The anatomy of the penis.” I cringe at the word penis, but she chooses not to notice. “I’m sure it’s too late for me to ask if you’ve seen one because I know you… and I know Nox.” She grins. It’s all teeth. I flush.  And I want to smack her!
I remain silent and she chuckles, “Well, I think we can rule out touching. Right?”
I glare at her and throw her a curt nod.
Boo bursts into laughter. “Don’t look at me like that! You came to me!”
Oh, God. She’s right. I totally suck!
Slumping, I apologize. “I’m sorry, Boo. This is too weird. Maybe I’ll just wing it.” Moving to stand, she pulls me back down and scoffs, “Oh, Hell No! Sit your ass down, girl. We’re talking blow jobs next.”
This peaks my interest.
Moving to her nightstand, I choke on my words when she pulls out a vibrator.
Somehow, I’m not embarrassed.
Neither is she.
This is just a sex-ed class. And we don’t know each other right now. She moves to hand me the vibrator and I hesitate. She rolls her eyes and chuckles. “It’s clean, ass!”
Narrowing my eyes at her, I take it and she says, “This is the most lifelike one I’ve got, so I can show you what I need to.”
Eyes wide, I blurt out, “How many do you have?”
She opens her mouth to speak but I cut her off with a swipe of my hand. “You know what? Don’t tell me.”
Her body shakes with silent laughter and she says, “Turn the shaft over so we can get a look at the underside.”
I flip the vibrator over. As I do, I accidently turn the bottom.
And it comes to life.
As soon as it starts to vibrate, I lift it high above my head and throw it across the room. Boo bursts into laughter at my wide eyed, hyperventilating state and squawks, “Oh, dear God. You’re something else, babe.”
Hands shaking, realizing how stupid that was, I burst into laughter and yell out, “It was all wriggly and shit!”
Covering my face with my hands, we laugh a while longer before Boo stands to retrieve the pulsating offender and hands it to me. I turn it over and she points out a small area just under the head on the underside. “Under the head is very sensitive so be careful with it. Start slow. Use your hands in an up-down motion.” Her face turns serious. “And don’t use teeth.” I nod softly and take all this in. “Listen to him for encouragement. If he groans and shifts around, you’re doing good.”
Sitting straighter, I say quietly, “Okay. That sounds okay. I think it’ll be okay.” Facing her, I ask, “What about sex sex?”
Leaning to the side, she widens her eyes and tilts her head. “I can barely remember my first time, but what I know is that it wasn’t that bad.” Narrowing her eyes, she looks up in thought. “Although, I was tipsy at the time.”
Oh, well! That’s just great, Boo!
My face wears an expression of disbelief. When she catches it, she chuckles. “Don’t be a dork. The first time with anyone is going to be uncomfortable. But just think about being a means to an end.” She grins. “Pop the cherry. Get that done and you’ve got something amazing waiting for you.” Her face sobers slightly and she explains quietly, “It’s almost like having to sacrifice a small part of you for one of the greatest pleasure known to man.”
I almost sigh at her explanation.
That sounds perfect.
A smile spreads across my face. Boo wears a smile to match.
Oh yeah.
Tonight is the night.

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