Monday, October 21, 2013

Review of Rock Bottom by Jade C Jamison

Rock Bottom by: Jade C. Jamison

Ok, so if you read my review last week for Bullet (book 1 in the series) you should already be familiar with Ethan & Valerie’s story.  The thing is, you heard it from HER point of view with little explanation as to why the Hell Ethan was such an ass.  Well here it is, your chance to see what made Ethan finally hit Rock Bottom. 

Your addiction might have seemed to hold you up when you felt low, but it also dragged you into depths you never would have gone on your own.’

Jenna McCormick, who is charged with keeping Ethan clean and sober, is more than meets the eye.  A fan of Fully Automatic, Jenna finds herself in a tricky situation.  To ensure Ethan maintains his hard fought sobriety she has to shut down her attraction to this super hot struggling guitarist and focus on his healing.   Jenna is tough as nails and has no trouble shutting down his attempts at getting in her pants. 

If you want my help, if you want to connect with the group, fine. But check your ego at the door.  No one here is a rock star. We’re all broken.’

The problem is, Ethan knows what he wants and isn’t used to being told no. Can he convince Jenna that they should take a chance on love or will they forever deny their feelings in an effort to keep Ethan on the straight and narrow?

There were some people who struggled with the subject matter; suicide, substance abuse and crossing the therapist/patient line are all difficult subjects to write about.  Jade did in depth research about these topics so she could write this story with an understanding of the struggles they can present.  At the end of the day I think it’s important to remember that this is fiction and I was happy that for once the girl wasn’t the one needing rescuing. 

She wanted him to take her, to have her… what was it he’d just said in the kitchen?  Every way she’d take him?  She wanted to tell him to take her any way he wanted.  Instead, she grabbed him by the back of his neck and growled, “I want you to fuck me, Ethan.”’

I was so happy that Ethan’s story was told even though I thought he was a total asshat in the first book. I think it’s easy to judge when you are only seeing one side of the story but as anyone with substance abuse issues can attest; they are more than their illness.  With Jade’s gift for steamy sex scenes there was no doubt in my mind that once Ethan got his shit together things were going to get hot.  As usual, Jade didn’t let me down. (Thanks girl!)

Feverish, book #3 in the Bullet series, is being released on 10/25/13 with a review to follow.  Bullet, Rock Bottom and Feverish are being priced at $1.99 each until 10/29/13 so get them now even if you can’t read them right away, they are well worth the price.  We are also in the process of getting Jade to do a 'Dare To Tell The Truth' interview so stay tuned!!                     ~SS

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