Monday, October 28, 2013

Review of Feverish by: Jade C. Jamison

Feverish by: Jade C. Jamison

Feverish… yeah, that’s definitely how I felt after reading this book.  I have already told Jade that this book is my favorite of the Bullet series to date and is also in the running for my top 3 Jade Jamison books.  Holy hot rock god, Batman!! 

Clay is a naturally shy person so what’s a guy to do when he can play guitar like he breaths air?  From this need to perform, Jet is born.  Jet quite simply, doesn’t give a fuck.  He says what he wants, has an INSANE addiction to porn, drinks to excess and takes home any girl he wants.  The trouble is that Clay has to wake up with them the next morning.

He smiled at her, a wicked smile, the kind of smile a father would never want to see on a man looking at his daughter.’
Clay’s busy life as the guitarist for his band, Last Five Seconds, has left his personal life floating in the wind.  He has bills to pay, songs to write and a daughter he wants to spend time with.  Enter Emily, a recent MBA graduate who needs a job that will pay the bills until her fiancée gets her a job with his family business.  She takes his crazy antics and his messy life in stride as his new PA.

Emily is a metal fan and forges a friendship with Clay that will end up supporting her when her world starts to cave in around her.  She knows from experience that the bad boys will break your heart and the nice guys never get her blood boiling.  What’s a girl to do when she is faced to choose between her future career and her physical needs?

She smiled and slid him back out of her mouth, grinning.  “Fine.” “Oh, I’ll give you fine.”  He urged her up with his hands on her face.  She grinned.  “I expect no less.”’

Sparks ignite but will she give in to Jet’s bad boy ways or will she connect on a deeper level with the sweet and shy Clay?  There are supposed to be future books in this series but all the Bullet books are on sale for $1.99 until 10/29/13 so get them NOW!!  (links below)           ~SS

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