Sunday, March 16, 2014

Best of AITC & Author Signings 101. All the things you need to know if you're going to a Mega Author Signing.

Hello Bibliophiles!! 

I'm fresh off my cherry poppin' author signing at Authors in the City and wanted to share a bit of what I learned in the event you decide to brave the fast and fun world that is an author signing.  I have to say, if Kayla wasn't the most well attended book signing attendee I know, I would have been completely lost.  Most of this she shared with me before my trip, the rest was learned the hard way...

1. Have backup!  This is the most important thing you can do since you will in some cases be so busy fangirling (fanboying?) over an author that you will forget a pic or a signature or something.  Have someone that can keep you focused and organized so you don't miss anyone on your list.
2. Be organized.  Know who you want to see, find out where they are located, what their lines are like and then plot a course.  Create lists an if available, get the chart of the tables so you know who you can group together.
3. Pre-order.  It's really the only way to guarantee you get the specific book you want so ask if you can pre-order or reserve a book so you don't feel rushed to get into a long line and take up valuable time waiting in a really long line (uh hem: KENDALL GREY!!) 
4. Bring a rolling bag.  This will save you having to haul tons of tote bags all over the signing as some may get super heavy after you get your books.  It's also helpful to have a tub you can 'dump & run' with all the swag you take since you are usually trying to do 7 things at once when you finally ARE with that author.
5. Sustenance.  You will be waiting in line for some authors so it's really important to have a bottle of water and some non-crushable snacks so you don't pass out while waiting in line.
6. Respect your fellow attendees!!  Everyone there is also super excited to see these authors, don't cut into their time with an author just so that you can take a picture or ask questions.  When you wait in a long line to see an author it's crushing to have that time taken away by someone that doesn't respect that it isn't their turn.
7. You have more time than you think.  There were some authors that had lines for DAYS in the beginning but towards the end, they were all alone and had no one to talk to.  If tickets to that author are not being offered and you don't want anything more than a picture or a signature, come back later when the line is gone.  You'll have more 1-on-1 time with the author and might get some books they didn't sell and don't want to lug back home with them at a discounted rate (or FREE!!)
8. YOU ARE NOT THE INCREDIBLE HULK.  Remember that not only do you have to be able to store all these books you just bought, you might also be required to CARRY THEM.  In my case, after hauling them all over the signing and the hotel, I had to take them on the subway, NJ Transit, to my car, then to my apartment... I still don't know where they're going...
9. Remember to breathe.  This might be tricky at times but it's also very important.
10. Waterproof Makeup. Self-explanitory.
11. Wear good shoes. Cute shoes are for the after party and when going out places where you can sit around.  You DO NOT want to be standing on your feet for hours wearing 6" stiletto shoes.  You can only get away with that if you are a super cute author who sits for most of the event (Alessandra!!)
12. Bring your charger.  My iPhone would have been AWESOME to use at the event but after all the roaming, my battery was at half life before we got to lunch.  Hotels are required (by building code) to have a certain number of outlets per square foot to prevent a possible fire hazard.  Use them while you are waiting to see an author or take a break and recharge not only your phone but your energy.  It's a great time to eat that snack you packed!
13. Reassess.  If (or when) you are stuck waiting in a few long lines, double check your list and see who you MUST see before you leave and if you have the time to wait in what might be another long line.  Sometimes you have to take some people off your list to be sure you are not missing your required list of authors.  It's a good idea to know who will be at any other signings you are attending so you know who you can get to at another time.
14. Have fun!  You are in an environment where gushing over your favorite author and wearing a fan teeshirt is not only understandable, but appreciated!  My sister (a.k.a. my stunt double/backup) had not read a single book by any of the authors at AITC but thought it would be fun to go with me.  She wore my Killer Buzz Float teeshirt since I had my Jenn Foor sweatshirt on over my KTB tee.  Um... yeah, kinda didn't tell her what the books were about (sorry B!!) but we got stopped almost 30 yards after getting off the subway because 3 sweet women saw that shirt and said 'Cool! You're going to the signing too!' Not a single person I interact with on a daily basis would have seen that and had any idea what that shirt was for.  My mom thought it was a band teeshirt and was confused since she thought we were going to an author signing.  Oh, mom... Don't you know that authors ARE my rock stars??

Sassy Sara's AITC Awards:
My First Author: CD Reiss.  *sigh* was it as good for you as it was for me??
Funniest Shit to Happen to Me: Harper Sloan shoving a handful of condoms down the front of my shirt (I think she was trying to cop a feel!!)
Unexpected Crying: Julie Prestsater... Started crying when she signed stuff for me so I had something I didn't have to give away!!
Longest Line: I would have said Harper Sloan until I got in the line for Kendall Grey... That shit was the entire width of the room!  I would have waited in it twice to see her which is a good thing since I probably will when I see her in Boston :)
Coolest Idea for a Memento: This chick behind me made a book on Shutterfly with all the authors she wanted to stalk at the signings she was going to with room for them to sign!  How cool is that?!!???!
Most Inventive Swag:  No joke- water.  Samantha Chase had a basket full of water bottles that came in handy for the wait for Harper Sloan!
Best Entourage: Jenn Foor's daughter hunted me down after I left my fabric marker at their table.  She walked EVERY ISLE just to make sure I got it back.  Thanks S!!
Biggest Disappointment: Madeline Sheehan wasn't able to attend due to weather!  Fucking weather...
Funniest Comment by a Fellow Person in Line: When a certain male author advised the chick behind me that he had done 'extensive personal research' for the information in his novel... Her response?  'That must have been some really expensive 'research' for you to charge $8.99 for a kindle book.'  My sister and I almost DIED! He took it in stride and moved on down the line.  You gotta love chicks from Long Island!
Biggest Surprise of the Event (for me, at least): M.S. Willis and Lily White are one and the same!
Most Fashionable: Erin Noelle had the cutest outfit on, Alessandra Torre wins for sexiest shoes ever.
Best Feeling: When I walked up to a bunch of tables wearing my KTB's Bitch teeshirt and they immediately knew that I was Sassy Sara (without having to turn around!!).  Almost. Died.
Most Awkward: Having to explain that no, I am not with Becca or any of the other 'Bibliophiles' out there... It's just Kayla since she's the BEST Bibliophile around :)
Dirtiest Quilt Square Inscription: (I know, you're shocked...)

Honorable Mentions:



Sweetest Quilt Block:

Honorable Mentions:



Best Photo-Bomb: 

All the authors were so extremely kind and generous.  If you have the chance to go to an event, do it.  Getting a hotel room so you can hang out with other authors is recommended but not necessary.  You can easily go to an event and pay for nothing but the cost of the ticket (if there is one) and transportation which is well worth it in my opinion.  Thank you to all my fellow line waiters and bloggers that made my first signing such a wonderful and memorable event.
If you're going to be in Boston, I'll see you there!

Much Love
~ Sassy Sara


  1. This was AWESOME! And...I'm in the picture :P Glad you had a good time but...Inquiring minds want to know, who was the male author?? Hahahaha!

    1. I'll message you with that if you REALLY want to know :) ~Sassy

  2. Eeeek!!!!! I love this!!!! Thank you for the kick ass tips!!!!!! Ill make sure to do those things @ Penned Con!!!! I love your quilt idea!!! I cant wait to see it finished!!!!!!!! And I am soooooooooo ecstatic that You guys made that sign!!!!!!!!!!! Totally FanGirling!!!!!! Come here so I can kiss you!!!!!! Love you sexy Goddesses!!!!!! Love Kaylee

    1. You are so freaking adorable, Kaylee... Of COURSE I made that sign... you ladies ARE S.O.S. How could I not include you??

  3. Sassy Sara you are my hero!!! I fully love this pic of you & C.d Reiss and thaks for the special call out!!! I almost died when I saw it... I SQUEEE'd my arse off!!! Thanks for the great advice, I'll put that to good use whenI attend my first Author Event Signing (Sydney Australia) in November. I love you for this!!! Fangirling by proxy is the best!!! Bernice xoxoxox

    1. I wish you were there with me in person but you were absolutely there with me in spirit :) Thanks Momma B!!

  4. Awwwww! You are the sweetest! Love you! So great to meet you. Till next time...

  5. I didn't get to meet you this weekend although I did blend in being so close to the busiest authors. My blog is putting on the Boston event and I hope to meet you in 26 days!

  6. Hey you may have been able to pull yourself off as me - That's pretty funny!....Yeah... I'm THE Becca the Bibliophile. And Well...Yeah. :) Glad you had a great time in NYC. Great tips.

  7. Thanks for the shout out! All of the hard work on swag and it was the water that was the biggest hit! Lol!! I owe that clever idea to my mom!

    1. Are you kidding?? It was such a happy accident waiting in line in front of your table :) Hope to see you at another signing soon!! ~Sassy

  8. This event was so much fun! I meet some amazing women at the Pure Romance booth and definitely brought home a stack of books for my self!