Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Consequences by Aleatha Romig: A Kayla the Bibliophile Review

      Never underestimate the power of a book review. I had just come off my Caleb high after reading CJ Roberts’s Captive in the Dark and Seduced in the Dark and started my hunt for another book in the captive sub-genre. I found a few, and they were okay, but they just didn’t do it for me the way Caleb had. The captors would turn out to be good guys that had been “forced” to kidnap the heroin of the story, or they would fall in love way too quickly without showing the transition in the relationship, the turning point when the captor starts to change from enemy to hero.

I was about to give up, but then I noticed a book that CJ Roberts herself had reviewed. It was a book by a lady with a name I had never heard before. Aleatha Romig. So I read CJ’s review (you can see that review here) and it gave me hope. Had I finally found a book that would make my non-consensual loving little heart beat once again?

Let me begin by saying that the reason it was important for me to lead into this review by mentioning CJ’s part in my find is because I have been sorely disappointed before. A book would be advertised as a super-hot, raunchy, graphic love-scene baring story, but then when it would finally heat up and get to the “good stuff”, it would—what we call in the editing world—fade to black. Making this chick NOT. A. HAPPY. CAMPER! But in CJ’s review, she started out by warning everyone that if they were looking for a book just like hers, with all the explicit, fully-detailed, and  vivid sex, then this was not it. But she went on to say that even though it didn’t, the book was still amazing.

If I had went into Consequences not having been informed about this, I probably would have been my usual pissed-off self when I discover that a book doesn’t have my raunchy nooky in it. BUT WAIT!!! I swallowed down the anxiousness of wanting to read my lady-porn and gave it a go. And man, am I glad I did! There may not be the ten-page-long love scenes describing every detail from their spit swappage to their eye-crossing climax, but you definitely are given enough to know exactly what is going on.

But enough about the smut (GASP!! Yes, I just said that…)

I’ve noticed that since the invention of the e-reader, a ton of the books being released these days have become shorter and shorter. Aleatha gives us a book that is NO JOKE. We’re talking about a book in print-version that could give someone a concussion. Why was I okay with the love scenes not being so explicit? Because the story itself was freaking AWESOME!  Tony is a captor like no other. He’s my favorite kind of man to read—gajillionaire, businessman, hot alpha-male who takes what he wants…and in this case…even if it’s non-consensual. But if you ask Tony what he thinks about something he does to Claire being “non-consensual”, he’d tell you that their contract says otherwise. And if you tried to argue, he’d kick your ass.

And what is a sexyfied, delicious alpha-male good for, unless he has a beautiful and amazing chick to go along with him? Claire is a classically beautiful, sweet, charming, book-loving, smart-as-hell, out-of-work meteorologist who’s paying the bills by bartending. For all she knows, the yummy stranger in the power-suit is just stopping in for a drink after work. Little does she know that he’s already learned every detail about her before he even walks into the bar.

No spoilers from this gal, as always. Just trust me when I tell you, this is a story in the captive sub-genre like no other. Five VERY INTENSE, jaw-dropping, oh-no-the-hell-he-just-di’in, that-lucky-bitch, kidnap-me-PLEASE stars!

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