Friday, March 21, 2014

Release Day Blitz for Cursed by David Michael

Ever since David was brave enough to take our dare he has become a great friend to the blog.  I was one of the lucky few beta readers who got to see this work in progress and I am constantly amazed how David can drag you into a story (despite the shocking lack of smut... lol!!) and make you yearn for what happens next!  To celebrate the release of book 2, I am hosting a giveaway for an autographed paperback copy of book 1, Blessed.  Make sure you keep your eyes open for the blog tour...  It's coming soon!!

Cursed Synopsis

In an effort to escape a lifetime of bad luck and worse decisions, Luke decided to take a giant risk and leave Los Hermanos in his past where they belonged. Unfortunately, Los Hermanos took the saying "blood in, blood out" VERY seriously.

When his long lost foster sister and her new boyfriend show up at his hospital bed willing to commit felonies in an effort to commit felonies in an effort to get him out of his guarded hospital room, he suddenly finds himself burdened with the fact that his actions had now brought innocent people into a firefight that he had tried to avoid all together.

As he struggles to push the only family he has left to a safe distance, a heavy sense of dread settles in around him and every instinct he has tells him that something far worse than Los Hermanos is coming.

Pushing theAmazonm away and sacrificing himself seems to be his only option, but Sarah and Makkar have other plans. For better or worse, they intend on being there to the very end.

The very. Bitter. End.

Buy it now!!

Have you read his Dare??  It's HYSTERICAL!!!

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