Saturday, March 22, 2014

Sassy Sara's Review of Masked Innocence by Alessandra Torre

Yeah... I mean, how could you NOT be turned on as hell by this super sexy couple??  Brad and Julia are back for book 2!!  I was honestly nervous about where Alessandra would go with this story line after Blindfolded Innocence but I should have known better...

 " I rode him, pumping up and down, his hands traveling over my torso, his face strong and possessive beneath me.  I leaned forward, my hair brushing his face, and buried myself deep on his cock, grinding my clit against his pubic bone, moaning at the pleasure it brought me."

Masked Innocence is the second book in this amazing series by Alessandra Torre.  I had heard of her through other readers that were really impressed with Sex Love Repeat so I thought I'd check her out!  Kayla, as usual, was one step ahead so she had already requested the ARC for Blindfolded Innocence (YEAH TEAM!!!) and I was hooked.  I mean, at first you REALLY don't want them to hook up but it's Erotica so there was no doubt in my mind that they would.  After that?  Yeah, I was completely and utterly unprepared for the level of hotness this girl can throw into a book.  

Masked picks up after that steamy night in the hotel room... you know the one...  Where do we go from here?  Will she be alright if next time he decides it's a woman?  How will her youth and inexperience prepare her for all the kink he has thrown her way?  Then there is the matter of her internship that she is quickly approaching the end to.  Will things be the same for them in this new romance when real life creeps in?  There were enough plot twists and new characters in this book you could almost read it as a standalone but why would you want to miss out on all the deliciousness that is Brad DeLuca?  I mean, hot, powerful, hot, wealthy, hot, kinky, hot, intelligent... Did I mention hot??  Whew!!  
That man...

I could make quote pics ALL DAMN DAY with all the amazing writing Alessandra packed into this book.  I'm waiting at the edge of my seat to see what The End of Innocence will bring... Maybe more of his hot cousin?  Maybe more 'Family' drama??  I really want there to be more parties... That shit was super fucking hot... literally...

Much Love
~Sassy Sara



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