Thursday, March 20, 2014

Sassy Sara's Review of His Secrets by Lisa Renee Jones

This book is the continuing story of Chris and Sara from the Inside Out and Rebecca's Lost Journal series.  The Inside Out series got me caught up in this world of some of the hottest sex scenes I've read and it kept me engaged in-between release dates by reading the snippets of back story in Rebecca's Lost Journals.  

His story was a nice lead in to the next series which starts with a book called My Hunger.  I thought we would hear more about Mark since the only book in the series to be released after Revealing Us, The Master Undone, was the continuing story from Mark's point of view.  I'm hoping that the next stories in the series follow the lives of Chris, Sara & Mark in this crazy world of art, BDSM and tortured souls.  One thing I also want to mention is that Lisa has the amazing ability to write from the male perspective.   You don't ever feel like these men are so far out of the realm of human existence that the only place you will ever hear about them is in novels.  Tristan and Chris are both powerful and strong but at the end of the day, they are still men and they still feel pain and loss.  

Lisa also knows how to write a Dom.  Whew!  While this book has fewer scenes than her full length novels, there is just enough to stay engaged and feel connected to the story.  I loved that Chris is still introducing Sara to this world of control and submission.  Having the same name (and spelling!!) as the heroine made it especially tricky to come down after my book hangover.  These men seem to know how to work a pair of nipple clamps just about as well as they know how to drive a performance car.  
It's all in the handling...  

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