Wednesday, April 17, 2013

CJ Roberts Dark Duet Series

About an hour ago I finished a 2 book series (soon to be 3!) and my pulse is still racing...could be my Starbucks Double Shot Expresso..............but Im pretty sure that it's because of this heart wrenching series. Where do I even start? Well, I found it by accident. I was reading the reviews for another book on goodreads and it was linked to a list: Top Erotica of 2012. The cover really stood out from the crowd so I read the review and IMMEDIATELY downloaded it and started reading. I didnt put it down for the past 36 hours. My hubby has been a very happy man for the past 2 days ;-)
Most of you know by now I love my funny vampire romances. Its a lot darker than what I usually enjoy. And its 100 times darker than Fifty if you can take it. But my goodness....Im getting the vapors just reliving some of the scenes in my head!
Its not necessarily the acts that were so....shocking.....we read and googled most of the stuff after reading Christian Grey's imaginitive scenerios. (Admit it!) But the language the author used to describe the acts was intense! Caleb at one point even says something along the lines of "What a dirty mouth you have, Kitten." Which, if her language is surprising to a man who deals in Pleasure Slaves and Human Trafficking, you know its pretty filthy, lol.
Yes, this story is about a man who is hell bent on revenge. He will stop at nothing to kill the man who sold him as a child into slavery....and we're not talking about the kind nowadays where they are in a tiny room sewing tshirts. Trust me, he would have prefered that. So now, Caleb's plan is:
1- Find the perfect girl to turn into what he was forced to become.
2- Sell her to the man who ruined his life.
3- When Vladek (^) is impressed with all of her skills, he will want to meet the man who trained her.
4- Become close enough that he is let into Vladek's inner circle.
5- Take him for all he's worth, steal everything that means anything to him, torture him slowly, and kill him.
Its taken 12 years to get to a point where Caleb can get close to the billionaire, and nothing will stand in his way to finally get his vengeance....except maybe love.
Its a dark and twisted story. But by the end you are actually rooting for what SHOULD BE the bad guy. Much like cheering for Dexter the serial killer :-)
Not for the weak of heart!
Book 1- Captured in the Dark
Book 2- Seduced in the Dark
Book "2.5"- Epilogue Told from Caleb's POV (Out March 2013!!!)

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