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Lynsay Sands

You are in luck!!! If you are looking for a series that you won't be able to put down, and you'll have to read it back to back to back to back to back (I could go on...) because you simply will not be able to get your fill, then this is the series for you. Its seriously an addiction. My name is Kayla, and I'm an Argeneau Addict! I have been reading this series since the very first book was a new release back in 2003. It was a completely different take on a Vampire Romance series. In Lynsay Sands' paranormal world, vampires are actually from Atlantis. Back a gajillion years ago before Atlantis fell, they were extremely advanced and the scientists had come up with nano technology. They were meant to be injected into the body in order to cure a disease and then shut down whenever it was done. But the body is in a constant state of being under attack by things: sunlight damage, paper name it....even the aging process itself. So the nanos never shut down. They use blood in order to fuel themselves, but the body doesn't produce enough to keep up with the constant fixing: hence why "vampires" have to continue to drink blood. But its now illegal to drink from humans and everyone is SUPPOSED to drink from blood bags except in emergencies when bags aren't available.
I LOVE LYNSAY SANDS! I have every single book this woman has ever written. As ya'll who have been following me from the beginning should know by now, I don't really enjoy historicals. But I own and love every historical she has written because she is absolutely hilarious. She's a wonderful writer who never leaves loose ends, has completely believable plot lines, and who develops characters that you fall head over heels in love with. I have to force myself to let a few books of hers build up because I read them so quickly! One books literally lasts me about a day because you seriously just can't sit them down. So when I have like 3 or 4 books built up, I then read them back to back! Waiting in between Lynsay Sands books is torture, so be prepared! But luckily, if you've never read one before, you've got 18 to read in the Argeneau series ALONE. Throw in all her historicals and you've got a hell of a "To-Read" book list! And you'll love every one of them!
I adore this series because they find their "life mate." There is no question that they have found the one they are supposed to be with. Vampires can read everyone's mind, so they know they've found their life mate when they can't hear their thoughts. Also, after hundreds of years, they've lost the taste for food...and sex...but when they find their special someone, all those appetites are reawakened. There are some other really funny (and HOT!!!) ways to tell if they've found their life mate...but you'll just have to read 'em to discover the awesomeness that is...LYNSAY SANDS. <3

A note from Lynsay about her reading order:

Argeneau / Rogue Hunter Series Reading OrderSo here’s the explanation as to why the reading order is different from
the published order. When I wrote the proposal for the series it
started with Lissianna's story, then Etienne's story, then Lucern's,
then Bastien's. However, Dorchester, my publisher for the first three
books, could only purchase three books at the time and chose the
brothers. It was their choice to take the brothers and not the sister
and their choice to publish them out of order. Now the series is at
Avon and Lissianna was the first they published. From now on, the
stories will be in order.
Here is the reading order:
Note: the reading order is not necessarily the same as the publishing

A Quick Bite
– Lissianna’s story - November 2005
Love Bites– Etienne’s story - January 2004Single White Vampire– Lucern’s story - September 2003Tall, Dark & Hungry– Bastien’s story - July 2004A Bite To Remember– Vincent’s story - July 2006Bite Me If You Can– Lucian’s story - February 2007The Accidental Vampire– Victor’s story - January 2008Vampires Are Forever– Thomas’s story - February 2008Vampire, Interrupted– Marguerite’s story - March 2008The Rogue Hunter– Garrett Mortimer’s story - October 2008The Immortal Hunter– Decker Argeneau’s story - March 2009The Renegade Hunter– Nicholas Argeneau’s story - October 2009Born To Bite– Armand Argeneau’s story - September 2010Bitten By Cupid– Tiny McGraw’s story - January 2010Hungry For You– Alex Willan’s story - December 2010The Reluctant Vampire– Harper Stoyan’s story - June 2011Under A Vampire Moon– Christian Notte’s story - May 2012
Lady Is A Vamp
– Jeanne Louise’s story - August 2012
The Bite Before Christmas– Teddy Brunswick’s story - November

Immortal Ever After Anders' story!!!! Coming out February 26, 2013!

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