Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Jodi Ellen Malpas This Man Series

For the past few days I have done nothing but eat, sleep, and breathe Ava and Jesse. For those of you who have not heard of this series, get ready to want to throw your book, ipad, kindle, or whatever reading device you are using. This is one frustrating but totally addicting couple! Most of the time in this genre, the guy is a pain in the ass, the girl is perfect, and its all up to her to "fix" the bad boy. I LOVED this series because she was pretty crazy pants herself, AND he was actually a pretty laidback guy...until she came around. So the typical story of him being all possessive and controlling for years and years is out the window! He's never cared about anyone or anything enough to ever be possessive or controlling, so all these new feelings he's having drives him crazy. She starts out as a normal gal, but then he drives HER crazy. And in turn they both drive YOU crazy!!! But Im getting ahead of myself...let me start from the beginning.
This series is about an interior designer who is hired to decorate the new extention of a luxury hotel in London. When she goes for the first appointment to discuss what the owner is wanting, she is completely floored when she meets Jesse Ward. He's not some old, balding, brandy drinking, cigar smoking, contraire...he is a drop dead gorgeous, blond haired, green eyed GOD who inherited the hotel from his uncle. When they meet its instant fireworks for the both of them. But she is only 26 and has JUST put her name on the map as an interior designing prodigy. She wants to devote all of her attention to the job she absolutely loves and is awesome at, especially now that she's newly single and doesn't have her asshat of an ex-boyfriend stressing her out. But Jesse will have none of that! He will stop at nothing until he can claim her, make her need him, (and drive her insane with all of his demands in the process!)
While reading these books you are gonna wish that Ava was a real person, so you could find her, and just....shake her! She always gives in! She tries to stand up to him, tries to hold her ground, but the moment he lays a finger on her she instantly submits to what he's wanting, no matter how flabbergasting the demand. You hope and pray that maybe this time, she'll stay strong. But then he surprises her with a new way of making her (and you!) melt. Thankfully, there is an explanation near the end of the second book on WHY he is the way he is. He has a very valid reason for why he is so protective over her. A good enough reason that makes you say, "ooooooh k, I'll forgive you for being kinda psycho." haha!
The author is from "London-ish", and it has been a lot of fun translating some of the words and phrases she uses. If I had thought of it sooner I would have made a glossary to put on here for us "Mericans" (fuck yeah! ;-) )

Boot = Trunk of a car
Jumper = Hoodie
Wee = ummmm......pee haha
Knickers = Panties
Loo = Restroom
Bloody = Damn
Fancy = To Like
Sod off = Piss off
Hoover = Vacuum (kinda obvious, but still, I thought it was funny!)
Made redundant = Laid off from a job
Bollocks = Balls
Chips = French Fries
Cow = bitch...or so I gather. lol! I forwarned my bestie that if I start calling her a cow rather than our affectionate nickname of "Hooker", Im totally not calling her fat! hahaha!

So in conclusion: ya'll seriously need to read this series. It is amazingly entertaining, provokes all sorts of emotions in you, and HOT HOT HOT!!!!! Can't tell you how many times the hubby had to peel me off of him! hehe ;-)

So to you, dear Jodi Ellen Malpas, "Bloody hell, lady, these were BRILLIANT!"

Series Order:

Book 1 - This Man
Book 2 - Beneath This Man
Book 3 - This Man Confessed (Coming Soon! I'll update you on the release date as soon as its available!)

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