Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Lindy Zart

Let me start off by saying that if Bianca was a real person, she would be my bff.
Dating Husbands is a hilarious book about a woman named Bianca. She has a Private Investigators License (which she got online) that she uses to help women who hire her to catch their guys cheating. We get to ride along with her while she dresses in various outrageous outfits and wigs, and goes on the hunt trying to catch these skeezy fellas in the act. We learn that she doesn't trust guys whatsoever because she has been cheated on in EVERY SINGLE ONE of her relationships, so has completely given up all hope of ever being in love.
Drew owns the bar that is right down the street from Bianca's house. She decides to stop in one night after a particularly rough day to partake in some Bloody Marys, her FAVORITE drink in the entire world. When Drew and Bianca meet, she's pretty shnockered, and VERY fiesty. She tries to fight the fact that there is an instant zing between the two of them. Normally, I don't enjoy the "chase". I like for the characters to fall for each other pretty quickly, and then the rest of the book is where the conflict is. Ya'll know Im the "why fight it?!" kinda girl. But the "chase" in this story is just so funny, and totally REAL, that I didn't mind it at all!
I loved the romance in this story, the two main characters figuring out things about themselves, solving problems, and finally allowing themselves to fall in love; but my absolute favorite parts of this book were when Bianca, her cousin Nadine, and her sister Gwen have their girls nights. It is so well written, described in such a HILARIOUS way, I was seriously wishing they were real people that I could go hang out with! In fact, I made a mental note to do some of the things they do with MY bestie. They made it sound like so much fun!
That's really all I can say about the book, because the rest of it is made up of things being revealed throughout the story. You wonder why Bianca is SO bitter besides the fact that she's been cheated on. You are made to wait until later on in the book to find out WHY Drew has panic attacks, and why Bianca is the only one who can calm him and make him happy.
I normally like more steam in the books I read, but this was such an enjoyable ride that I didn't care. I LOVED the characters so much and wanted nothing more than for them to get their happily ever after <3
There is a tremendous amount of LAUGH OUT LOUD moments, as well as some tear jerkers, but when you get to one line in the story, I DARE you not to react. It doesn't sound like much out of context, but if you've read this book, or after you take the time read it, remember I called it:: "DAMN HEARTBURN!" ;-D

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