Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Dakota Cassidy

Dakota Cassidy <3

Dakota Cassidy
I can't tell you how GIDDY I am to write about this author! Not only are her books "f***takular", but the lady herself is simply a wonderful human being. She has the greatest sense of humor (and it shows in her hilarious books!) and one scroll through her facebook page can brighten the grumpiest of days. On the Jenna Marbles "Girl Crush Scale" I'm between a level 1 and level 2 with Dakota (if you haven't watched Jenna Marbles' Girl Crush video on youtube, that means I'm somewhere between 'I want to be her best friend' and' I want to BE her'...)
You've probably heard the old saying, "Never judge a book by its cover." Well, in this case Im glad I went against that saying or I probably never would have come across this series. I'm a huge Michele Bardsley fan. On her covers I kept seeing kudos from this "Dakota Cassidy" person. One day, while searching through my beloved Half Price Books store, I came across some beautiful Trade Size Paperback books and the WHOLE SERIES to that date was there! (Jackpot in Bibliophile terms). Lo and behold, it was the same Dakota Cassidy chick that I always saw talking about Michele Bardsley books! I figured if we had the same taste in books, she couldn't be THAT bad, right? So I bought ALL of them without knowing anything about them, besides the pretty artwork, lol! SCREW YOU METAPHORICAL IDIOMS! I'm glad I judged these books by their cover because WOW! I don't think I've ever laughed so hard while reading before! Dakota has her own language, really. She has to turn off her auto-correct while writing because of the...colorful...words she invents. Being a retired sailor's daughter, and having grown up in a military town my whole life, these words didnt bother me in the least, they had me tickled to the point I would have to run to the little girl's room. But some of the situations her characters go though NEED the various plays on the f-bomb (like my reference to f***takular above) to really portray the craziness they are going through. Each one of the characters are "Accidentally" changed into a different supernatural creature. The stories take place around a trio of women who (despite having completely different personalities) become inseperable best friends. I swear when I read the first book, The Accidental Werewolf, I thought Dakota had spied on me and totally based Marty on my entire existance! Right down to my tiny little yappy ankle biter dog who thinks he's my protector! The heros in the series are irresistable. The women are completely lovable (Even Nina, MY FAVORITE, who is....a bitch, lol). You find yourself DESPISING the antagonists: I wanted to strangle Alana, UGH! But all around, these are fun books to read. If you want to laugh, feel lighthearted while you are reading with some OMG! moments, without the seriousness of dark, broody, depressy main characters, but still have the drool worthy yumminess going on: THESE ARE YOUR BOOKS. I've noticed a few reviewers saying that it took them a little bit to warm up to the books. If you are coming off of a serious book like 50 Shades of Grey, it might throw you off a little because these are written from the main character's POV, and in a way that they would actually TALK. But I promise, give just the first book a chance and you won't be able to stop until you've finished the entire series, one right after the other. Here are the books in reading order:
  1. The Accidental Werewolf
  2. Accidentally Dead
  3. The Accidental Human
  4. Accidentally Demonic
  5. Accidentally Catty
  6. Accidentally Dead Again
  7. The Accidental Genie

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