Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Silence O'Shea

This morning, I finished up a short story called His Right Hand by a wonderful lady by the name of Silence O'Shea (freakin awesome name, true?)
This story was hilarious, sexy, and a delight to read! My only complaint is I wish it was longer! Every page of this book kept your attention. No boring, slow, dull parts at all. If I didn't have to get my kids to school, I would have read it in one sitting because I didn't want to put it down. I could totally see the author going back and making this a full length novel.
The main characters are Mike Jasper and his assistant Ellen. The reason I wanted to read this so bad was because in the description, it sounded completely opposite from what we are used to. We all love the gorgeous, billionaire, GOD in the sack...but this was a little different. Gorgeous? Check! Billionaire? Check! GOD in the sack? meeeehhhhh.....not so much! hahahaha!
Jasper keeps getting dumped because all his dates eventually end up not being able to overlook the fact that he's a selfish lover. That's when his assistant steps in to finally show him how to please a woman. That's one reason I loved this story. There's none of the "fighting it" nonsense. Why fight it? 50 Shades...fought the attraction, Ava in This Man....fought it like a mofo, WHY FIGHT IT?! If you wake up and Channing Tatum tells you he is your don't question it people!!! Just be like "Aight..." and consumate it STAT! lol! Ellen doesn't fight the proposition. She's a strong, smart, beautiful, decisive woman. She's not the meek, shy, damsel in distress type whatsoever. Don't get me wrong...I love reading those types too! But it was a nice change.
If you want a quick, steamy read with a Happily Ever After (known around these parts as an HEA) then this is the story for you!!!

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