Monday, April 29, 2013

"Naked" and "All In" by Raine Miller (The Blackstone Affair)

I kept seeing people posting David Gandy as this Ethan Blackstone guy all over my newsfeed. Mr Gandy is ONLY Professor Gabriel Emerson in my head, but if people kept making such a fuss over this character, I had to know what was going on! And Im glad the curiosity got me!
Ethan Blackstone is a British ex-military gajillionaire who runs his own security company. So BAM! Right there, he meets a couple of my favorites: Loaded, and super manly ;-)
He is contacted by a friend about guarding his daughter, Brynne, who is going to college in England to get away from a scandalous past. She is a nude model who absolutely enraptures Ethan with her beauty and there is an almost immediate whirlwind romance between them. She tries to fight it for a little while, but gives in, even though she is scared that her past will ruin their relationship.
Book 1: "Naked" is told from Brynne's POV. We learn a little bit about her past and figure out where all her trust issues come from. I finished this book in a little over a day. My only complaint is that it was so short! I wish the author would go into more detail about the scandal itself because it is only touched on. It's too painful for Brynne to talk about, but that means WE don't get all the gorey details. I think it would have made me more sympathetic toward her and make me understand why she has the urge to bolt from Ethan. Other than that, the loves scenes are hot, the plot is intregueing and you genuinely LIKE the characters.
Book 2: "All In" is told from Ethan's POV. This books was really good about the details! You learn a lot about Ethan, his background, and his family. You learn a little bit about his time in the military. His dreams are very telling about the man himself. I liked getting into a man's head. Especially one with such a dirty mind! hehehehe
Ethan is so lovable. He is the perfect book boyfriend, so protective, so sexy, and a little possessive: but what girl doesn't secretly want THAT! I love how jealous he gets when Brynne goes in for her first photoshoot since they got together ;-)
The next book "Eyes Wide Open" is coming out May 14th! I really hope to learn more about Brynne's past, the suspence is KILLING me! Quit being so vague Brynne! Either come out and tell Ethan all about it in a play by play, have a dream about it, tell your therapist, or God forbid, have Ethan get "something" sent to him (no spoilers...wink wink) SOMETHING that will let us know what the hell happened to you!!! EEEEk!
As I said, David Gandy is my Gabriel, so I can't picture him as my Ethan. Instead I picked Jefferey Dean Morgan. I know he's a little older than Ethan, and he's not British, but there is no one else I'd rather be my super sexy ex-military bodyguard boyfriend. Have you SEEN him in "The Losers" ? Holy Hell.
Now, after enjoying this pic of my Ethan Blackstone, go put Raine Miller on your TBR list!


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