Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Lynetta Halat Every Rose

It's taken me a while to write this review because I was home in NC visiting my family with only my tablet, which is a pain in the butt to write on. I need to invest in one of those covers with the built in keyboard...ANYWHO!
Right before I left, I read a book called Every Rose by a first time author named Lynetta Halat. She wants an honest review so I'm going to give it to her. If ya'll have read my other reviews, you know I love funny paranormal romances, super steamy erotic novels, and I pretty much don't veer off of them. That's because I'm an escapist reader. I read for the enjoyment of diving into another reality. I'm a stay at home mom of 2 little girls, have a great hubby I love more than life, and kick ass evening job that lets me bring my kids to work with me. But when I read, I want adventure, I want billionaires that splurge obscene amounts of money on their women, I want sexy vampires with hilarious senses of humor.... so I went into this book with the wrong mentality because those are the ONLY books I read. But if I were more prepared, I would have LOVED this book. It was VERY well written, especially for a first time author. It played out just like a movie. Like, I can totally see this being turned into a full length movie, the plot and everything was THAT good. I said this to her, and I mean it as a compliment: it has a very Nicholas Sparks feel to it. Its bittersweet, heart tugging, REAL, and something that could go on in anyone's life. I loved Michael, the yummy, artsy musician who is completely in love with our main character. I told her I "saw" him as Caleb from Pretty Little Liars and she actually used him in her book trailer! He fit his description perfectly. I've always wanted to use him as one of my leading guys but I've never read about a character that looks like him, so I was excited to visualize him <3
My favorite parts were when she would sneak into her barn to call him and talk for hours when they were kids. I can remember doing that...not the barn part, but ya I loved the anticipation when she goes to see him for the first time since she left for college years ago. I loved the way he only had eyes for her when he had a sea of women around him at his concert. It was a true love story.
So, if you love Nicholas Sparks, the love story without the crazy hot steamy parts, and you love characters you truly root for and would KILL for them to be together...then Every Rose by Lynetta Halat is the book for you <3

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