Thursday, February 6, 2014

Are you ready to party?!?

It's finally here! Our 5000 likes giveaway is live and we will have posts starting shortly. Click on the link below to go to our Facebook event so you can enter to win some seriously sweet swag!  

Authors Who Will Be In Attendance:
Red Phoenix
Aurora Rose Reynolds
Jade C Jamison
Meg Silver
Aleatha Romig 
Harper Sloan
Dakota Cassidy
Michelle Bardsley
Belle Whittington
Jennifer Foor
CD Reiss
Kitty French
Pepper Winters
Belle Aurora
Heather Sosbee
Lola Stark
Ella Frank
Toni Aleo
Nashoda Rose
LB Simmons
Danielle Jamie
Erin Noelle
Elaine Barris
Debra Anastasia
KA Robinson
Shayne McClendon
Lynetta Halat

Plus we will be giving away our own swag for the first time ever!!  The event is international and runs until 11AM tomorrow, stop by whenever you can and see why these authors are our favorites...

Sassy Sara

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