Friday, February 14, 2014

Dare to Tell the Truth: A Quicky with Zack Love's Characters

1-Most embarrassing sexual experience.

EVAN: Trying to convince a prostitute to give me a blow job "on the house" and learning -- in the most unforgettable way possible -- that you get what you pay for.
2- What would you do if you were a girl for a day.

NARC: I'd go round up three of my hottest girlfriends and take them over to Narc's place for a five-some.
3-What is the strangest thing a girl has ever asked you to do to her, and did you do it?

HEEB: The Japanese woman I dated, Yumi, had the most delicious, clean, and perfumed toes you could imagine. And she helped me to discover a toe-sucking fetish that I never knew I had. I've even tried licking Nutella off toes thanks to her. A small tip for those who want to try this at home: take the Nutella to the bathtub and proceed to lick it off while in the tub with her.

4-Where is the strangest place you've ever done it?

CARLOS: In retrospect it's not so strange, but -- at the time -- it seemed pretty bizarre and amazing to lose my virginity in the kitchen of an apartment being shown to me by a hot real estate broker.

5- Screamer, Moaner, or Silent?

TREVOR: I'm bloody moaning most of the time but it depends on the acoustics of the venue. If I'm quite sure that the place is sound-proof, I might allow some screaming to seep out.

6-What is the worst thing you've ever done while drunk?
HEEB: I let a really cute bar girl crack open a raw egg on my bald spot in college. She requested the honor in the most irresistibly flirty way and being drunk only made it that much easier to oblige her. The egg yolk seeped into the sides of my ears, which was quite possibly the grossest and most humiliating thing I’d ever done to charm a woman. Little did I know how much worse things would get after college.

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