Sunday, February 2, 2014

Restore Me by Jennifer Foor Blog Tour and Review

You think you know what was going on with Joey while Lacey was trying to sort things out with Shayne in Replace Me?  Let me tell you, you had NO idea.  I know I was a bit blown away by where this book took me!

I am a huge J4 fan.  I'm seriously freaking out since I'm going to meet her in Boston so  when the opportunity to review this book came my way, there was no way I was passing that up.  I have read every single book she has written to date.  I have read all her series; The Mitchell Family, Twinsequence, Diary of a Male Maid, Bank Shot Romance, Hope's Chance.  I own The Somnian series with the exception of book 3 so I decided to defer reading that until I can get my hands on the middle book... 

The Kin Series is a bit different than her popular Mitchell Family series but it has more steamy scenes than Ty and Miranda... That's saying something!!  I thought this book would be just a re-telling of all the events I already knew about but this book could have been written in place of Repair Me because there were so many new and unknown plot twists that had Lacey known, things might have turned out far different for this couple.  
"I'm not a fucking trophy, you know!"
"Yeah you are, you just don't know it yet." I couldn't help but lean close to her ear.  She smelled so good that I let my skin barely touch hers. "Give me one night." 

Joey is a man that does not have many boundaries where sex is concerned except that huge wall he has built around his heart.  No woman was worth all the drama he saw his cousin Ford go through and he really didn't want to have to answer to another woman, his mother controlled enough of his life as it was.  He had a schedule; a plan.  He was no saint and had no problem letting a girl go if she was getting too attached.  All that careful planning seemed to gradually fly out the window the day that he set his eyes on Lacey.  

Lacey's part in this book was already discussed in book 2, Replace Me, so knowing what she was thinking and feeling while all this was happening made this story more enjoyable to read because now you have the third side to this love triangle.  You also get to hear a little bit more about Joey's brother, Jamey which from what I hear will be what Reject Me (the next book) will be about!

Get all the books in this series as well as her Mitchell Family Series by checking out her Amazon Page:

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