Sunday, February 9, 2014

Sassy Sara's Review of Fully Automatic by Jade C Jamison

You think you know what happened in Bullet?  Well, you only got one side of the story.  Now you get to find out what Brad was thinking and feeling while he watched his best friends battle out their relationship. 

I don’t think there is any secret now that I’m a huge fangirl of Jade C Jamison…. Right?  I mean, THAT would be an awkward conversation if you didn’t!  I’ve got to admit that of her Bad Boys, I crush in the following order:

Sean (Nicki Sosebee Series)
Brad (Bullet Series)
Jet/Clay (Bullet Series)
Tyler (MADversary)
Jesse (Nicki Sosebee Series)

Notice anyone missing??  Oh, that would be Ethan.  I have to say that no matter how many times I’ve read Bullet (I’ve read it twice, BTW) or Rock Bottom I have the hardest time jumping onto the Team Ethan bandwagon.  He is just such a selfish ass that no matter how many times I may have thought that Val didn’t deserve Brad, she REALLY didn’t deserve the pile of shit that Ethan dumped on her.  The back and forth of Val and Ethan’s relationship with his incessant cheating made me fall even harder for Brad.   As I recently told one of my friends, you really do need to read Bullet so that you can have a full understanding of the other books.  While they are all stand-alone, it makes the series more enjoyable.  If you are just starting to read the series, do yourself a favor and read the books in the following order: Bullet, Rock Bottom, Fully Automatic, and then Feverish.

Since Fully Automatic is basically Bullet from another POV, breaking up the story with Rock Bottom (which was what happened to Ethan towards the end of Bullet) made me excited and anxious to read Fully Automatic.  How could a man you consider your best friend, almost your brother, go after your girl?  Wasn’t Brad breaking every man code written?  Why didn’t Ethan push harder to keep Val happy and keep his band and family out of his marital issues?   Why didn’t Brad take what he so obviously wanted with Val? 

Since Brad was what I considered to be a ‘free agent’ during most of Bullet, you get to hear all about what he was doing while Val and Ethan were trying to have a secret romance.  Let’s just say that having a hot body, lots of tattoos, mad guitar skills and the ability to rock a woman’s world (in more ways than one) did not go to waste on Brad!  I also managed to cry 4.5 times while reading this book.  I’ve been told that there will also be additional books for Zane and Nick but when exactly they will be released and where they will fall in the timeline of the series is still unknown.  Rest assured, I will let you know when I hear more about it…  The next book should be Fake, book 9 from the Nicki Sosebee series.   I am waiting somewhat patiently to get my hands on more Sean!!

In the mean time, if you haven’t read Jade’s Dare to Tell the Truth interview we posted a few months back, here’s a link so you can learn more about one of my top 5 favorite authors!

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