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Blog Tour Stop: Determinism by LK Collins - Kayla The Bibliophile


I have to give a huge THANK YOU to Miranda of Mommy's A Book Whore for throwing this my way.  I was questioning my sanity by taking on a blog tour for book two of a series when I hadn't yet read book one but I really should never have doubted her!!  I had just finished the Beautiful Bastard and The MC Sinners series and was not sure if I could handle yet ANOTHER book hangover... 
Turns out I could :)

Since the Blog Tour is for Determinism that is where the bulk of this review will be focused but I can't just start in the middle of the story!!  Fatalism is book one in the Life~Destiny~Fate series by LK Collins and where we first meet Alexa and Vincent.  Alexa is a PDA phobic paralegal out on the town for her sister's birthday when she stumbles into Vincent... Literally.  They had an instant connection that had her chucking all her PDA objections right out the window.  She only knew his first name and after a hot and heavy make-out session, she was dragged out of the club without a backwards glance.  I really can't go too much further in depth without a flashy spoiler sign so lets just say things get... interesting... from there.  

Alexa lives in an inherited townhouse in Cherry Creek, CO with her best friend, Cara.  They have best friends for years and have been there to pick up the pieces when life doesn't play fair.  The estrangement between Alexa and her mother, Vivian and the death of her much loved Grandfather along with a number of failed relationships have left Alexa hesitant to give her heart too freely.  She has rules, and the number one is to never EVER date a lawyer.  So naturally the guy she can't get out of her head has to be a sexy as hell, determined, passionate lawyer.  With Alexa being so gun shy it takes every tool in Vincent's shed (hehehe) to get her to open her heart and let down her walls.   

Feeling like they need to integrate their lives a bit, Alexa and Vincent invite Cara and, Vincent's bad boy brother, Abel along on a double date and right from the beginning sparks are flying.  Cara and Abel are obviously attracted to each other but Cara has had her heart shredded by enough tatted up bad boys to let another one break her.  Abel hasn't been with the same girl for more than a night in almost a decade and doesn't think he will change that history any time soon.  

Cara is an ER nurse who loves to get out and party when she isn't burned out by her long and demanding shifts at the hospital.  Abel is a new Fire Chief for Denver Fire Department and happens to be a big reason for Vincent to move back from Arizona.  When not pulling his 3 day shifts at the firehouse all he can think about is setting Cara's body ablaze.  With all the wildfires in Colorado this past year he has seen his fair share of work but he also knows how to play hard.  He is the typical bad boy, covered in tats and driving a Harley, that thinks he can move on once they hook up but her flat out rejection of him has Abel working overtime to gain her approval.   

After months of trying to deny their feelings for each other a devastating fire that lands one of his men in the hospital, they suddenly can't fight the attraction any longer.  They each have so much baggage that trying to start a relationship seems pointless but they throw caution to the wind and find that what they fought against was the only thing worth fighting for, Love.

The really enjoyed LK's ability to draw you into these stories.  I may or may not have cried on multiple occasions during Determinism which made me feel even more drawn to this series.  There are a number of steamy scenes that made me wonder if Alexa and Cara needed medical treatment after these stories were told.  I was looking for a disclaimer stating "No actual vaginas were hurt in the writing of this book."  (there wasn't one...) since these girls were getting it on like they didn't have anything else to do. At all.  Ever.  *sigh*  

I'm actually concerned for the people who reviewed this on Amazon saying that there is too much sex in this book..... Um... you do realize this is smut, right??  I mean, when there are disclaimers that say
**Adult Themes and Situations MATURE CONTENT** before you even buy the book that should be the sign that they these aren't your grandma's Harlequin novels.  They are talking about copious amounts of hot, sweaty, back breaking, shower so long the water got cold, filthy, delicious sex.
Just wanted to make sure we understood each other :)

Now, go forth and drool over Vincent and Abel!

Much love,

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  1. What a stunning review of both novels. Thank you for taking them on. I appreciate it more than you know. I don't think I have ever laughed so much in reading a review. I especially love the art work that you made for these. Much love, XOXO LK

    1. Thanks LK!! You can ask Miranda... I was back and forth on these pics and what quotes to use :) They are yours to use as you wish!! If you want me to send them, just say the word. ~SS

  2. Love you Sassypants! Glad you now know better than to doubt the power of the whore. xxx

    1. Sassy is as sassy does!! Why would I ever doubt the power of the whore? She has the most experience in these things ;) ~SS <3