Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Sassy Sara Review - Where I Need To Be by Kimberly Knight

Where I Need To Be

(Kayla and Kimberly at Naughty Mafia 2013)

I bought this book from Amazon a while back because it was inexpensive and had decent reviews.  I have this habit of picking up the first book of an unknown author and if I really like book, I'll buy the next books in the series just to see what happens.  That's how I got into Kristen Ashley, Jade C Jamison, Jennifer Foor, Red Phoenix... you get the picture.  After Kayla's super fun and successful weekend at the Houston Bookrave, we Facetimed for a bit and she told me about all the cool people she got to hang out with.  If I recall, the conversation went something like this:

Kayla: Woman!  Do you have any Kimberly Knight books? 
SS:  Really?  I have almost 1,000 in my TBR, how can you ask me that?
Kayla: Hussy, check your Kindle.  I met up with Kimberly today and we need to read her series together so we can write a review on them.  Have you read her Dare interview?  
SS:  Of course I have! Oh, It appears I own Where I Need To Be, is that the one you mean?
Kayla: Sure is!
SS: I'm on it.

Needless to say, with Kayla's already busy editing schedule and all the other blog tours, she has only gotten about 35% of the way done.  I managed to finish it before the week was out so here I am, the sassy speed reader herself, writing the review for y'all.....

"When life hands you lemons, they say to make lemonade,  
Well, life just handed me a whole lemon tree."

Life was not treating Spencer Marshall well. Thank God for her best friend Ryan and her not so idle threats.  If Spencer hadn't taken up this new assignment at work she may have never walked into Club 24 and into the life of Brandon Montgomery.  What starts out as glimpses of him all hot and sweaty on a treadmill turns into a game of chance when they end up running into each other in Vegas.  

I have to be completely honest with you all.  For about the first 10% of the book I was finding it difficult to believe that these characters were over the age of 23.  The way they talk and text each other made it hard to believe these people were in their late 20s.  Maybe I just look on the things they do and compare them to my own experiences?  So I changed their age in my head and the book seemed to make more sense to me.  The boys seemed to be about their age but the girls seemed too into playing games for someone out of college for so long.  If you treat this more like a NA book you will have NO problem getting sucked in to this series... Just like me!

With that being said, Kimberly's sex scenes are HOT!  There is no denying that this girl has a gift from the good Lord above when she's writing her scenes for the bedroom... or the hallway... or a dance floor... or the living room... you get my point. :)   Brandon being a young and successful business man is of course a certified catch when you combine that with his delectable body and gift for talking dirty.  There is no doubt he knows how to work it and he has his sights set on Spencer.  There are a few challenges they face early into this budding romance that threaten to end it before it begins.  

All in all, I feel this first book of the B&S series was pretty good.  I liked it enough to buy books 2 and 3 to see what happens next for this group of friends.  

In case you didn't catch her interview I have made it easier for you to get to it :)

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