Monday, November 25, 2013

Review: Asking For Trouble by Tessa Bailey

Asking For Trouble 
By Tessa Bailey

Holy shit...

I think that was the most common phrase running around in my brain while I was reading Tessa Bailey's new book, Asking For Trouble.  There was tension from the very first page and the fact that Brent was an officer in the explosives unit of the NYPD seemed so appropriate as at any time these two could light up the New York City skyline at any time...

I've read all 4 books in the Line of Duty series and by far this book is my favorite to date.  They are all stand alone books but it's best to read them in order so you don't run face first into a spoiler.  There is a ton of sexy bantering between these two strong characters.  The thoughts that went through Brent's mind as he is trying to hook up with Hayden are HYSTERICAL!  

Tentatively, she walked toward the door, pulling her skirt back down to her knees as she went. Unmanly tears threatened once more as he watched her beautifully shaped ass disappear from view. I'll never forget you, ass. Don't forget to write.

Brent is a blue collar guy who is close with his family and friends.  He is the guy that everyone can count on to contribute a sexual innuendo at any event and trash talk his friends for being 'pussy whipped'.  Hayden is a society girl with her friends and family from the upper west side of Manhattan.  She is known as the ice queen because she has a sterling image to uphold.  She has a max of 4 drinks, makes sure she is seen with the right people and wearing the right clothes.  She is the exact opposite of Brent but that just makes their fiery love/hate relationship work so well.   

Has the Blue collar guy gone for an 'Uptown Girl" in other romance novels? Sure!  For as long as the secretary has slept with her billionaire boss.  We are not re-inventing the wheel here, just putting some spinning rims on it :)  Tessa created a masterpiece in Brent.  He's the total package.  Loyal, funny, hard working, supportive, sexy, extremely good in bed (according to the ladies... ) and he doesn't take anything at face value.  That may be why his socialite duchess knocks the wind out of his sails when she refuses to have anything whatsoever to do with him.  Unlike other stories where the girl falls helplessly into the arms of this bad boy, she is fighting him kicking and screaming (literally) all the way.  The power struggle between these two is exciting to read and drags you right into their world before you know it.  All in all, I really enjoyed this book.  

Tessa said that the next book is going to be about Matt and *should* be out sometime in February if all goes well. I for one can't wait to get my hands on that book!  Matt is a bit of a mystery man and from the few words he says, seems like there is much more than meets the eye.  Her ability to give good character is one of the things I love about Tessa's writing.  Her characters are well thought out and have just enough mystery to keep you hooked but not so much that once you find out it's something stupid like a scar you feel like you've wasted the whole day.  These books have humor, sure, but they have sex.  Not so much to make you think their parts will fall off from over use but just enough to make you jealous as hell that you aren't getting the same, thorough, attention.  Seriously, HOT....

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    1. YEAH!! I really hope you like them, I pre-order them even though they might go on sale because I'm not patient enough to wait :) Enjoy!!