Thursday, November 7, 2013

Red Phoenix Quote Pic Battle

  What happened when Red Pheonix posted a contest in which the winner would receive a Submissive Training Center coffee mug?
Kayla the Bibliophile went ape-shit.
My kids couldn't find me for the entire weekend because I holed-up in my reading cave and made an insane amount of STEAMY quote pics in an attempt to add to my Red Pheonix collection.
Here's the thing, though. I thought I had this thing in the bag. It had been posted for like 3 days, and no one had submitted anything. So when I started busting out my quote pic skills, it seemed to inspire the masses...and then everyone else started submitting some bad ass pics. My main challenger:
Sassy Sara herself.
Until that point, we had chatted a few times under some Red threads (hehe, that rhymed...SQUIRREL!), but this battle of the quote pics was....EPIC. Normally, people vying for a covetted prize would see the other person as an enemy.
And with the awesome stuff she was throwing into the mix, jealousy should have reared it's ugly head.
But instead...the epic battle became the epic friendship...and now the epic partnership on my blog! 
So, in case you were not a part of Red's Quote Pic Extravaganza, here were Sassy Sara and my submissions (hehe, I said submission... wink wink) And the very last pic is of the ECSTATIC winner! ;-)

(^^^From Kayla's Photo Shoot with Mike Fox Photography as Brie)

(^^^From Kayla's Photo Shoot with Sarah Grusenmeyer)

                                     (^^^From Kayla's Photo Shoot with Sarah Grusenmeyer)

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