Monday, November 11, 2013

Review of Get Bent by: CM Stunich

OK. First, where the hell does CM get her cover models!??!??!  Now, on to the review ;)

Get Bent is book 2 in the Hard Rock Roots Series and picks up from the epic cliffhanger that is book 1, Real Ugly.  THERE MAY BE SPOILERS, fair warning!

This book starts after the disastrous scene on the Amatory Riot bus.  While everyone is in lockdown to try and sort out what happened and to whom, Turner is freaking out.  He is convinced that there is no way the girl he just realized he fell in love with is gone.  He just found her, she HAS to be ok.  The only thing that is getting Turner up and keeping him sober is the hope that he can find her. Alive.

I have to say that this book had me questioning everything I thought I had figured out in book 1.  In some placed I had to make small revisions in others I had to start over from scratch.  I liked that this took a bit of a suspenseful turn from Real Ugly.  Get Bent still had the quirky humor between the bandmates that lightened the mood here and some new alliances were formed to do the sleuthing.   
"Music is the metaphysical representation of our shredded hearts, all of our pain and anger, our love and joy, ground up and blended together. It saves people, and it destroys them. If it's anything in between, it's not really music at all, just noise."
At the end of the day, this book is about the music.  CM really loves music and has a way of writing about it that makes it tangible.  I swore I could almost FEEL the music in these books.  While some may feel the frequent use of profanity to be off putting, it has never bothered me so you may want to consider this before reading ANY of CM's books.  My hope is that you can look through all of that to see the same wonderful things I saw when reading this book: a talented author with amazing stories to tell.  Tough Luck is book 3 and while it does continue the story of the bands on tour, the focus is on other characters.  Details will be posted as soon as we confirm the date :)


Release Date: 11/14/13

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