Monday, November 4, 2013

Review of Real Ugly by CM Stunich

I guess you can tell by now that If you have a hottie with a motorcycle or guitar on the cover the odds are very good I have either bought it, added it to my wish list or stalked the author until I got an ARC :) For some strange reason I seem to have this weakness for badass alpha males.... 
I know, shock... 

With CMm Stunich, I started reading her books the same way it does for most Indie authors today, suggestions from others! I saw her books in a rafflecopter and she was also posted frequently on Amazon as an author I may enjoy so I decided to give her a try. I started with the Never Say Never series and fell hard for CM’s gritty but realistic character driven books. I know not everyone likes those type of stories but CM will tell you herself that her writing is her way of expressing herself and while she is happy others enjoy her books, she knows they aren’t for everyone. Fortunately, I happen to LOVE CM’s books!

Real Ugly is book 1 of the Hard Rock Roots books and she tells you right from page 1 that you are in for a ride…Naomi Knox is the songwriter and lead guitarist for Amatory Riot who just happens to be on tour with a man she has loathed for years, Turner Campbell. Turner and his band, Indecency, firmly believe in all things sex, drugs and rock & roll. When Turner sets his sights on Naomi who will have NOTHING to do with him he’s torn. He can’t stand her bitchy attitude but he is inexplicably drawn to her. Naomi wants Turner to pay for his sins but she has a hard time remembering that when he starts to sing. Naomi had a hard life and has never felt loved or cared for until that one night so long ago... 
“My birth parents, whoever the shit they were, fucked me; my adoptive parents screwed me; the foster system destroyed me. And Turner? He was just icing on the friggin' cake, baby.”
Once all the secrets start to come to light, who will be left standing to put Naomi's heart back together? The cops are chasing down people from a past that Naomi is doing all she can to forget. Can Turner get her to see that he isn't the bad boy she always thought he was? Will Naomi finally be able to put to rest these secrets she has lived with for so many years? 

I know there are a ton of people who were PISSED that there was a HUGE cliffhanger at the end of this book. I actually waited until Get Bent was released before I started to read Real Ugly for that reason. If you have never read CM’s work, be prepared, she likes to curse… A lot... (yeah!!) There are scenes of violence, sex, drug use and of course, HARD ROCK!!! I enjoyed this series because it’s the type of fiction you could see happening. These books are not sugar coated for those readers who are looking for an ultra mushy story about a rock god….. 
“Your past is your foundation, and if it's crumbling, then you've got nothing left to build on.“
Book 3, Tough Luck, is going to be released on 11/14/13… I hope you took my hint and bought Get Bent on sale last week!!    ~SS 

Did you see her Dare to Tell the Truth interview? 
Here is the link!!

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