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C.M. Stunich Edition: Dare To Tell The Truth With Kayla The Bibliophile

Gettin' Down and Dirty With Author 

CM Stunich

What would you say is the most embarrassing thing you have done or had done to you?
Life. Being born was the most embarrassing thing that's ever happened to me. I really think I was put on this earth by accident, so I end up bumbling through it all like a Slinky on a trip wire (no, that doesn't make any sense to me either).

Craziest Fan moment?
This is an easy one! I have a couple of amazing fans (you know who you are) that are getting “Never say Never” tattoos. How amazing is that? The name of my series permanently etched into their skin. Now that, that is love.

Favorite book and or author?
This is not an easy question for me, but I'm going to have to say “Guilty Pleasures” by Laurell K. Hamilton. Easily one of the best books ever written; this novel seriously set up the urban fantasy scene and made it what it is today. Plus, this book whips up some of the most ridiculous sexual tension I have ever read. By the time you get to book six and actually get to witness 'the act', you'll be begging for it!

Pick one !

One Direction or Justin Bieber? 
One Direction simply because I am a member of the 'Justin Bieber Must Die' club.

White, Dark or Milk Chocolate?
Milk. Love me some milk. ;)

Import or Muscle car? 
Muscle, baby!

Sam or Dean? 

Commando , Boxers or Briefs? 
Commando. Easy access and all that.

Coke or Pepsi?

Damon or Stephan?

Wine or Mixed drink?
Mixed drink.

Biker boy or Rocker dude?
Rocker dude. (Sorry Austin!)

Whips or chains ?

Do you believe in vampires?
What do you mean 'believe in'? You're acting like they don't exist! Seriously, get your act together. This is like asking me if I believe in Big Foot or the Loch Ness monster or some shit. These bitches are as real as bacon.

If you could have a super power what power would you pick?
I'm going to have to go with invisibility, so I could spy on people doing it. Wait! Oops. Did I say that out loud? I meant that I wanted to have the power to purify earth and sky, so I provide food for the hungry. That's what I meant. Seriously.

What would you do with your super power if you had it?
I'd grow corn and shit.

Would you abuse your super power? How?
Nah, I'd just keep growing corn and shit.

Screamer , moaner or silent?
Moaner. And I'm not ashamed of it.

Ever been arrested if so what for?
Nope. Never been arrested, but hey, that doesn't mean that I'm not a bad girl. Just that I've never been caught. Except that one time by the cop that tore off his pants and gave me a lap dance … do you think maybe he was a stripper?

Who is your celeb crush?
Celeb? What the Jesus H. Christ is that? I'm so busy writing and reading, I don't know anything about celebrities anymore. Can I say the guy that plays 'Tate' in American Horror Story? Does that work?

(Evan Peters)

Author you'd love to bang?
Jennifer Martinez because she's super hot. ;)

What is your favorite alcoholic beverage?
I fancy me a Captain 'n' coke or a straight up glass of Jager. I wish I could say I liked Sex on the Beach or Slippery Nipples, but I wouldn't be talking about drinks and it would just be down right inappropriate.

Do you ever leave home without panties on ?
Frequently. Unfortunately, it isn't a me-trying-to-be-sexy thing, more like a I-was-in-a-hurry-and-forgot thing. Until the wind blows they always say.

Have you ever had sex while at work (any job)? If so, where?
Actually, yes. I mean, this is kind of a cop out since I worked from home for a car rental company answering reservation calls. I did it WHILE I was on the phone with a customer. Kind of kinky, but not as cool as some people.

What is the strangest place you ever had sex?
A dressing room at the mall. *Sigh*

What turns you on more, reading a sexual story, watching a porn or listening to sex?
Reading a story, duh! What do you take me for? Gawd. *Runs off to read The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty*

What profession do you find the most arousing sexually?
Accounting. Yeah, add those numbers, bitch. I find it really hot when you subtract. Mmm mmm.

Does size matter?
Unfortunately, yes. Okay. So. To be fair, length is not as important as dudes think. As long as it's over 5.5 inches, we're good there. It is all about girth. Oh, and rhythm. As Never said in Tasting Never, “It's not the size of the hammer, it's the rhythm at which you throw it.” (Please tell me I didn't just misquote my own book.)

Do you or have you ever had a “cop” fantasy?
See the above question titled 'Ever been arrested? If so what for?'. Mmm. Cops.

Do you or have you ever had a “Delivery Guy” or “Service Man” fantasy?
Not particularly, but now that you mention it … He's standing on the porch in his tight, little brown shorts, purposely flaunting that package around for me to see. I reach out and cup it gently, tenderly. “Sign here,” he tells me as I take the box and set it down on my table, eyes drifting down to that other package, the one your dirty mind was imagining before. I reach for his pen but purposely miss, flicking my fingers across … *Shakes head* Wait. What's going on again? Where am I? Next question.

If you were on a bus and got a glimpse up a pantiless girl’s skirt would you keep looking?
Depends on the girl and how, uh, groomed she was down there. I'm not opposed to swinging for the other team, but I am a picky motherf*cker.

Ever been caught doing the dirty? Spill it!
Actually, yes. One time in high school, my friend was staying the night along with my partner. She was sleeping on the floor and … well, okay, let me rephrase that. I thought she was sleeping on the floor (in reality, she was awake) while I proceeded to 'have a nice time' on the bed. In the morning she was acting like a bit of a weirdo and well, you know, we had to get past that really awkward friend moment where you look at her and she looks at you and you just know that things will never quite be the same!

What is the strangest sexual experience you’ve had?
I think I'd have to say this one. I mean, I'm having one right now. Is that normal? These questions were written pervy on purpose, right? Wait. Who's reading this? WHAT'S GOING ON HERE?

Ever swung for the other team?
Oh yeah, baby. And I'm not ashamed of it. In fact, I'd like to write a book about a bisexual girl with a love triangle with both genders. Show the world what it's really like to swing both ways. ;)

Funniest sexual experience you've ever had
Ever heard of a queef? Yeah. Look it up. You've got your answer.

Most embarrassing sexual Experience?
See above question. Yeah. It takes both creamy cakes.

What would you do if you could be a guy for a day?
Screw as many women as possible. Seriously. That is not a joke. I probably wouldn't be able to keep my hands off of my dick, and I'd absolutely have to take several hundred photos.

How would you describe yourself so that someone could pick you out?
Tall, big tits, pink hair. Done, done, and done.

What's the last thought in your head that involved someone you like?
Do you think he remembered to pick up the whipped cream?

What is a question you want me to ask you?
How big are your boobs? Seriously. Ask me.
Yes, they are 32 DDD's. Thank you for asking.

What is a question you refuse to answer?
How many books do you currently own? And how much have you spent on these books?

Any tat's or piercings? If so where ...
If I told you, I'd have to kill you … 

Biggest turn on?
#$#&%. Yes. That was blurred for your protection.

Biggest turn off?
Two words: body hair. *Shudders*

A fantasy you haven't fulfilled yet?
Having sex on the back of a motorcycle. If you've read “Losing Me, Finding You”, you will understand the attraction.

Your stand on sex toys?
Underutilized, under-appreciated, a must have for everyone – single, couple, poly-amorous, whatever. Sex toys are the sh*t. Ladies, look up 'Hitachi Wand' now and order it please. You can thank me later.

Pet peeve?
Disrespectful people. Plain and simple.

So tell us something nobody knows about you?
I think the show, Pretty Little Liars, is the worst show that's ever aired. Ever. Ever. Ever. *Waits for stones to be thrown*

What did you think while reading these questions?
That I'm not the only perv in the world! ;) Thanks for having me! <3 data-blogger-escaped-span="" data-blogger-escaped-style="mso-spacerun: yes;"> I think you and I should do lunch. Or each other!

Thanks again for being here, we had a blast and hope to have you back again soon. 

Did you have anything else you’d like to say before we go?
I love my fans, readers, and friends and I owe my everything to them and all they've done for me. For all the book bloggers willing to take a chance on me, I salute you. I aim to please, and I never put something out there that I'm not proud of. If it doesn't jive with you, that's okay; I understand, but I love my work, and I wouldn't change it for the world. Thanks for being by my side, and I hope you'll stay till the end.

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