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CM Stunich's Blog Tour for Tough Luck: Kayla The Bibliophile

Welcome to the Kayla The Bibliophile Stop on the 
Tough Luck Blog Tour
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I warned you!!  
You have had every opportunity to buy and read books 1 & 2 of the Hard Rock Roots series so I hope you are ready...  If not, Tough Luck!!

We pick up where we left off in book 2, and start reading from another POV.  In Tough Luck we get to learn more about Lola Saints and Ronnie McGuire, both drummers on this 'Tour From Hell'.  Lola is no saint and neither is Ronnie. Lola is an Aussie trying to make it big with her band, Ice and Glass, while Ronnie is trying to escape his pain in drugs and dangerous sex.  Lola made a promise to herself and her band to do whatever it takes to make it big but she may have gone too far this time.  Ronnie can't see past his self imposed prison over the death of his one true love, Asuka, to care if he lives or dies.  Trouble is, his band mates in Indecency are being targeted for some unknown reason and he has now become the main focus of that target.  Do Lola's ambition and these strange incidents have anything to do with one another?  Will she be just another victim in Ronnie's debilitating path of self destruction?   There's no denying the attraction they feel but will Ronnie sink even lower if he allows himself to care for Lola after what happened to Asuka?  

I'm going to warn you in the event you have not already heard, this is a cliffhanger.  Now, before you say anything or stomp off into a corner, it's WELL worth the wait for book 4.  Fortunately, the book is being released (per her FB page and the end of book 3) in the first week of December so there isn't a HUGE wait to find out what happened.  Honestly, I am not typically a fan of the cliffhanger.  I would prefer to wait until the next book(s) are released and read them straight in a row.  Ask anyone you like, patience is NOT something I'm well known for :)  I could have put this off and just gone with a promo for now so I wouldn't be disappointed but felt that there was no way I could wait to find out what happened after Get Bent.  I'm so very glad I didn't wait!  It was a great read.  Steamy Scenes, all the banter Naomi and Turner are known for as well as a look behind the wall that Ronnie has shielded himself with for far too long all make this a book worth reading now. 

While this book does not focus on Naomi and Turner, they are certainly still front and center in this book (as if Turner would let it happen any other way!!) and will also star in the continuation, Bad Day.   

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