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Author Theresa Marguerite Hewitt Edition: Dare to Tell the Truth with Kayla the Bibliophile

Dare to Tell the Truth with Kayla the Bibliophile
Author Theresa Marguerite Hewitt wanted to take my challenge! 

You can find her at:

https://www.facebook.com/TheresaMargueriteHewittAuthor ;-)

What would you say is the most embarrassing thing you have done or had done to you?
How about having my shorts pulled down in front of the entire baseball team in college as my softball team ran by. Yup, I acted like a champ though and kept on trucking, super girl panties and all.
Craziest Fan moment ?
Haven't had one yet.... Sorry

Favorite book and or author ?
Fave book: Of Mice and Men, Fave Author: George RR Martin

Pick one!
Import or Muscle car
American Muscle (Chevrolet Chevelle to be exact)

One Direction or Justin Bieber?
neither. I'm more country/rock

White, Dark or Milk Chocolate?

Sam or Dean ?
DEAN 100%

Commando , Boxers or Briefs ?
Boxer briefs, I like to see what's goin on lol

Damon or Stephan
Damon most definitely

Wine or Mixed drink ?
Mixed drink at a party but wine if I'm just hanging out casually. I love Werewolf brand wine, it's my weak spot!

Coke or Pepsi ?

Biker boy or Rocker dude ?
Biker boy with tattoos. And it has to be a Harley ( and if I picked the rocker, he'd have to be a country rock guy in blue jeans and cowboy hat!)

Whips or chains ?
Both! Double the fun!

Do you believe in vampires?
Hell yes!

If you could have a super power what power would you pick?
I want to fly.

Screamer , moaner or silent ?
Moaner. Screamer if its fucking fantastic because come on, you gotta let them know they're doing it right!

What would you do with your super power if you had it?
I'd fly everywhere! I'd go all over the world every day, seeing everything.

Would you abuse your super power? How?
Hell yes, I'd sneak up on people and drop in out of nowhere. I'd zoom over them and scare the shit out of them and hover outside my friends house just to surprise them.

What is your favorite alcoholic beverage?
 Jack Daniels

Do you ever leave home without panties on ?

Have you ever had sex while at work (any job)? If so, where?
 No, I've been in situations where it's been contemplated, but I've never done it.

What is the strangest place you ever had sex?
Oh man.... Probably a dressing room at a store. There was barely anyone working and well I was trying on dresses and swimsuits and you know one thing always leads to another.... Lol

What turns you on more, reading a sexual story, watching a porn or listening to sex?
 It would have to be tied between reading and watching porn. Listening def not. There's just something about thinking about it and seeing it.

What profession do you find the most arousing sexually?
 Military. No question. Hands down, throw in the towel, ring the bell and tap out. A man in camo or uniform will always get me.

Does size matter ?
 Yes, but with size comes responsibility. Lol. Sometimes the size isn't there but the skill is and then sometimes it's the size with no skill. If you got it, learn to work with it guys, come on!

Do you or have you ever had a “cop” fantasy?
Oh my god yes, who in their right mind hasn't? Whenever I see a hot cop I always think of "whatever you say can and will be held against you" and I would reply "you!"

Do you or have you ever had a “Delivery Guy” or “Service Man” fantasy?
No I haven't had one of those. I usually get the old, fat or ugly delivery man.

If you were on a bus and got a glimpse up a pantiless girl’s skirt would you keep looking?
 No I'd tell her "bitch, your coo- Ka is hanging out. Ain't nobody got time for that!"

What is the strangest sexual experience you’ve had?
 Probably my one and only threesome with college guy friends. It was just like "you want to? Sure, okay!" And then after we were closer than ever, even to this day.

Funniest sexual experience you've ever had
when my college boyfriends roommate walked in on us, didn't turn around. Just sat down at his desk and started using his computer. Told us to carry on, so we did. I giggled the entire time.

Most embarrassing sexual Experience ?
When a guys mom walked in on us in a VERY compromising situation. I never set foot in his house again.

What would you do if you could be a guy for a day?
Walk around naked, everywhere. Just letting my wang flop around.

How would you describe yourself so that someone could pick you out?
Short, but fun sized. Awesome blue eyes and a twisted sense of humor. With a really loud laugh.

What's the last thought in your head that involved someone you like?
Hmmmm.... I wonder if he sleeps naked?

What is a question you want me to ask you?
Missionary? Doggy? Or 69?....... I'd say doggy unless the man really knows how to use his tongue.....

What is a question you refuse to answer?
Number of sexual partners. Will never tell.

Any tat's or piercings ? if so where ..
One tattoo, but want more. It's a bluebird with a lily in its beak placed over my spine right in the middle of my back(not a tramp stamp but right around the bra line)

Biggest turn on ?
Smarts, smile, muscles, tats and attitude. Has got to know how to treat a lady.

Biggest turn off ?
Nasty teeth

A fantasy you haven't fulfilled yet?
Probably to have sex in a limo.

Your stand on sex toys ?
 Never owned one, probably never will but more power to you if you use them. To each their own.

Pet peeve?
Gum snapping and talking on ur cell when ur being cashed out at a store.

So tell us something nobody knows about you ?
 I get a little too excited when I'm around muscle cars...... Just sayin.....

What did you think while reading these questions ?
"Like wtf?"

Dominant or Submissive?
A little of both. There are times when I want to be in charge, but then there are times when I just want to be bent over and taken.

Thanks again for being here, I  had a blast and hope to have you back again soon!
Did you have anything else you’d like to say before we go ?
I <3 Kayla, she's the bomb and this was fun!

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