Monday, May 20, 2013

Eyes Wide Open (Ethan Blackstone Affair #3) by Raine Miller


In book 1 (Naked), we were told the first part of the story from Brynne's POV, then it continued in book 2 (All In) completely in Ethan's POV. In THIS book though, it switches back and forth between the two perspectives as Raine finishes out the story line with Brynne's stalker.
This book has to be my FAVORITE in the series!!
There are parts I absolutely died laughing, then other parts where I literally scrambled between my Kindle app and my Messenger app to yell at Raine and ask her "WTF DUDE?!"
I'm trying desperately not to give away any spoilers here...which is very hard because I just want to gush over this book! SO many momentous occasions happen. Everything we've been built up for from the first two books EXPLODES...
If "Naked" was wonderfully seductive foreplay, and "All In" was mind blowing nookie....then "Eyes Wide Open" is the body convulsing orgasm PLUS sweet cuddles and pillow talk at the end.
All loose ends are tied, plus there is a fantastic twist at the end when you find out who the stalker is! We get to hang out at Ethan's sister's gorgeous Bed & Breakfast, meet her adorable kids, sit through a hot photoshoot with Brynne, go through an emotional roller coaster with our favorite couple, and in the end, if you don't SWOON over Mr. Blackstone...there must be something malfunctioning with your lady bits! hehe!
Again, I'm probably the only gal on the blog tour that doesn't see eye candy David Gandy as Ethan, but I know a lot of you agree with me. So let me refresh your memory of MY sexy ex-military security guard book boyfriend: Jeffery Dean Morgan as Ethan Blackstone <3



  1. Hey I'll let you go with your guy for Ethan *smirks*

    1. hehehehehe! I've been in love with Jeffery Dean Morgan since he was Denny on Grey's Anatomy, but when I saw him as the soldier in "The Losers" I knew he'd be badass book boyfriend for me some day :-)