Tuesday, May 14, 2013

EXCLUSIVE Teaser! Love Thy Neighbor by Belle Aurora

Love Thy Neighbour Teaser – Unedited – Nat’s POV (First kiss with Cole)

I mentally count to three then open the door. And I can guarantee I did not imagine how attractive Cole is. He looks fantastic. 
He’s dressed in blue jeans, a long sleeved tee and bright white sneakers. His black hair is in a modern spiked style and his blue eyes pop. I think I may have swallowed my tongue.
He says “Wow. You look beautiful, Nat.” Then he hands me a single pink rose.
Awww. He’s sweet!
Flashing him a brilliant smile, I lean in and kiss his cheek. “You look very handsome, Cole.” I step back and tell him “I’ll just grab my purse then we can go.” I go to my room, check myself one last time then grab my purse and head back to the front door. I stand in front of Cole and say “We can go now, I’ll just lock up.”
Cole stops me with a gentle hand on my arm. He leans forward and gazes at me through hooded eyes then runs a finger down my cheek and says “I’ve been waiting two nights for this. I don’t think I can wait a second longer.” His thumb passes slowly over my bottom lip.
My eyes flutter closed, I breathe deep, my middle tightens and I flush.
I feel Cole’s nose lightly brush mine and he whispers “I want to kiss you, sunshine.”
Without another thought, I close the short distance between us. I put my hand on his cheek and run my parted lips gently along his. 
My core moistens. I ache for his kiss.
So much for going slow.
He breathes me in, his arm coils around my waist and he pulls me into him so we’re front to front. We still haven’t kissed but this seems so much more intense than making out. 
We’re playing with each other. 
This is a dangerous game and I don’t know the rules.
I grab fistfuls of the front of his tee and beg hoarsely, “Stop playing with me. Do it, Cole.”
He smirks and it’s so beautiful that I want to lick him. He lowers his face and buries it into the side of my neck.
God, that feels amazing.
I’m becoming desperate for some form of connection. Any connection. And I make a very stupid decision. I run my hand down his chest, scraping my fingernails roughly along his ribs and stomach til I get to the zipper of his jeans. Before I know what’s happening Cole lifts me in one fell swoop, steps into the apartment and kicks the door closed behind us. 
No! This isn’t supposed to be happening!
Quiet, brain! We’re getting to the good part!
He supports my booty with his forearms and I run my fingertips gently down his cheeks as we search one another’s face. I whisper “Sofa.”
He walks over to the sofa with me wrapped around him. He sits carefully and I straddle him. I can feel his hard length through his jeans and it aligns perfectly with my sweet spot. My body moves of its own accord. I grind against him and moan.
The friction is amazing.
Cole’s eyes roll back and he groans. He grips my hips and mutters, “Baby. Mouth.”
I lean down and kiss his lips once softly. Then I press harder against his lips and gently caress them with my tongue. He growls against my lips and it makes me even wetter. His muscular arms curl around my lower and upper back and he holds me tight. He pulls away slightly and says “I’ve neverconnected with someone like this before.”
I answer honestly, “Me either.” 
We’re magnetic together and it astounds me.

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