Monday, May 20, 2013

Nina D'Angelo Edition: Dare to Tell the Truth with Kayla the Bibliophile

What would you say is the most embarrassing thing you have done or had done to you ?

I used to be a music Journalist and once went to interview a musician who I'd interviewed a number of times before. He suggested we go out for a few drinks before the interview and we ended up getting roaring drunk. I only remember certain aspects of the night but they include drunken karaoke (me not him), tabletop dancing (him) and waking up together the next morning. I did the interview the next day, both of us hungover and we're still friends 15 years later.

 Craziest Fan moment ?

I haven't had one yet..

Favorite book and or author?

Favorite author - James Patterson
Favorite book: (only one, seriously!!!) To kill a mockingbird by Harper Lee

 Pick one !
Import or Muscle car


 One Direction or Justin Bieber

One Direction

 White, Dark or Milk Chocolate ?

Sam or Dean ?

Both. I'm greedy

 Commando , Boxers or Briefs ?

Damon or Stephan

Damon. I like a bad boy with bite.

 Wine or Mixed drink ?


 Coke or Pepsi ?

Diet Coke

 Biker boy or Rocker dude ?

Rocker dude - hello, one of the reasons I got into music Journalism.

Whips or chains ?


Do you believe in vampires?

Nope, but wouldn't it be cool if they did exist.

 If you could have a super power what power would you pick?

Time Travel

Screamer , moaner or silent ?

Screamer. I like it loud.

 What would you do with your super power if you had it?

Travel through time. I'd go to Woodstock, listen to Martin Luther King Jnr and JFK speak, and embrace history and every concert I possibly could,

 Would you abuse your super power? How?

Probably. I'd go to any concert I could.

 What is your favorite alcoholic beverage?

Sapphire Bombay

Do you ever leave home without panties on ?

I have before yes.

 Have you ever had sex while at work (any job)? If so, where?

Yes, Rock concert, backstage.

What is the strangest place you ever had sex?

A tossup between in a church or Bank of America lifts.

 What turns you on more, reading a sexual story, watching a porn or listening to sex?

reading. I think your imagination is so much more erotic than watching porn or listening to sex

 What profession do you find the most arousing sexually?

Musicians. I think there's nothing more beautiful than watching someone on stage, living out their dreams and lost in their own world. There's something very private yet open about it and something very sexual about watching a guitarist with their head flung back, lost in a moment of pure ecstasy as they lose themselves in their music.

 Does size matter ?

Yes, whoever told you no lied

 Do you or have you ever had a “cop” fantasy?

Maybe one or two. They come with handcuffs.

 Do you or have you ever had a “Delivery Guy” or “Service Man” fantasy?

Sadly no.

 If you were on a bus and got a glimpse up a pantiless girl’s skirt would you keep looking?


 Ever been caught doing the dirty ? spill it !

Yes. Someone once walked in on me and my boyfriend at the time in the shower. We thought we'd locked the bathroom door but a housemate walked in on us. It was really embarrassing because the housemate had only moved in that day.

 What is the strangest sexual experience you’ve had?

Definitely the guy who wanted to wear my panties.

 Ever swung for the other team ?


 Funniest sexual experience you've ever had

The guy who wanted to wear my panties. I couldn't stop laughing my ass off about it until I realised he was serious.

 Most embarrassing sexual Experience ?

Having sex for the first time.

 What would you do if you could be a guy for a day?

This sounds boring but going to the mechanics and actually being treated like I know what they're talking about instead of being treated like a dumb blonde, who doesn't know jack about a car.

 How would you describe yourself so that someone could pick you out?


 What's the last thought in your head that involved someone you like?

I could easily fall in love with this guy.

What is a question you want me to ask you?

Ask me about my novel, Nowhere to run.

 What is a question you refuse to answer?

Nothing phases me but I won't go into graphic detail about sex.

 Any tat's or piercings ? if so where ..

Tattoo on my hip of a fairy under a toadstool smoking a joint, drum symbols on my stomach and also someone's initials.

 Biggest turn on ?

Men with southern accents apparently

 Biggest turn off ?

bias, racist, ignorant people. People with rude manners, bad body odor

 A fantasy you haven't fulfilled yet ?

being rescued

 Your stand on sex toys ?

don't really have one

 Pet peeve?

people who stereotype authors

 So tell us something nobody knows about you ?

I'm fairly open with people about myself. If people ask, I generally tell them.

 What did you think while reading these questions ?

wow, I thought these would be a hell of a lot tougher.




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