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The After Dark Divas Book Club Edition: Dare to Tell the Truth with Kayla The Bibliophile

Dare to Tell the Truth with Kayla the Bibliophile

Diva Amanda and Diva Veronica from The After Dark Divas Book Club
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What would you say is the most embarrassing thing you have done or had done to you ?
DA: When I was in the 12th grade, I entered the high school Miss South Stokes pageant. There was a talent portion and I sang a Dixie Chicks song. I KILLED it!!! And then, while I was “gracefully” backing out of the spotlight (for dramatic effect), I fell and went spread eagle on the stage. It will live on through the video in our time capsule :/
DV: Falling face first at the post office in front of a bunch of people
Craziest Fan moment ?
DA: While at a Backstreet Boys concert (circa 1999), I was so overcome with emotion and love for Nick Carter that I took a little tumble down the steps in the coliseum. (Are you noticing a trend? I fall A LOT)
DV: I don’t really have one. Amanda is the crazed fan..lol
Favorite book and or author ?
DA: Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen
DV: Summer Sisters by Judy Blume
Pick one !
Import or Muscle car
DA: Muscle car, specifically the Shelby GT500
DV: Import
One Direction or Justin Bieber?
DA: I think we have already established my weakness for boy bands, so One Direction J
DV: One Direction. I have a thing for Boy Bands
White, Dark or Milk Chocolate ?
DA: Milk Chocolate
DV: Milk Chocolate. Then melt it and dip everything in it
Sam or Dean ?
DA: Sam
DV: Neither
Commando , Boxers or Briefs ?
DA: I like the boxer briefs (they are tight in just the right places)
DV: Boxers
Damon or Stephan
DA: Damon
DV: It was Damon until I read Ian’s twitter. So def. Stephan
Wine or Mixed drink ?
DA: Mixed Drink
DV: Wine……the whole bottle
Coke or Pepsi ?
DA: Pepsi (my husband would be proud; he works for them)
DV: Neither. I’m a Dr. Pepper girl
Biker boy or Rocker dude ?
DA: Rocker (ummmm Riff, LOL)
DV: Rocker dude, with lots of tats and spiked hair
Whips or chains ?
DA: Whips  
DV: Whips
Do you believe in vampires?
DA: No
DV: No
If you could have a super power what power would you pick?
DA: Hmmmmmm, that’s a tough one, I would have to say invincibility!
DV: Time manipulation.
What would you do with your super power if you had it?
DA: I would not be afraid to try ANYTHING!!!!
DV: Get more sleep…lol
Would you abuse your super power? How?
DA: I think anyone with a super power would abuse it a little, especially when it’s brand new, but I wouldn’t go too crazy J I would probably put myself in some crazy situtaions…
DV: Um yeah.
Screamer , moaner or silent ?
DA: Moaner, for sure
DV: Moaner…with lots of dirty talk
What is your favorite alcoholic beverage?
DA: I LOVE a good margarita, with salt on the rim  
DV: Middle Sister Pino Grigio
Do you ever leave home without panties on ?
DV: When I was younger and skinnier I would. Now, not so much.
Have you ever had sex while at work (any job)? If so, where?
DA: Nope  
DV: On the floor of one of my old offices with my boyfriend at the time. I messed around with a coworker in the office one time as well.
What is the strangest place you ever had sex?
DA: The living room floor of my best friend’s (Diva Veronica) parent’s house after senior prom…..seriously
DV: On a go kart track
What turns you on more, reading a sexual story, watching a porn or listening to sex?
DA: Hands down, reading a GOOD sexual story!
DV: Listening to sex
What profession do you find the most arousing sexually?
DA: CEO, Businessman; a professional man
DV: Musicians
Does size matter ?
DA: I don’t think length matters quite as much as thickness
DV: Only if they don’t know how to use it
Do you or have you ever had a “cop” fantasy?
DA: Ewwww, my dad was a cop, so no!
DV: Nope. I have a thing for maintenance men…lol
Do you or have you ever had a “Delivery Guy” or “Service Man” fantasy?
DA: No on that one too!
DV: Delivery guy, no. Service man, hellz yeah
If you were on a bus and got a glimpse up a pantiless girl’s skirt would you keep looking?
DA: Probably not. I would more than likely text Veronica and tell her about it LOL
DV: I would tell my friend and then we would look and giggle to each other
What is the strangest sexual experience you’ve had?
DA: Well, having sex to stimulate labor was….ummm…..different. Being huge and miserable just didn’t do it for me; it was a means to an end.
DV: Anytime you have sex while your animal is laying on the bed is strange.
Funniest sexual experience you've ever had
DA: I am going to say prom night, especially when Veronica’s dad walked in on me and my date (who happened to be my husband). She was in the other room with her date and hearing him chew us out was her cue to get decent
DV: My boyfriend at the time was lifting me up against the wall and farted. Totally killed the moment
Most embarrassing sexual Experience ?
DA: Not too long ago, after a rather enjoyable romp in the sack with my man, my neighbor stopped me on the way to my car and said, “I bet you slept good last night, huh, huh” (winking and grinning the entire time). I mean, I know I am loud, but that was so embarrassing!
DV: When the dad of my boyfriend at the time found a used condom in the toilet and confronted us about it. I have no idea why he was flushing it. Can we say clogged toilet!
 What would you do if you could be a guy for a day?
DA: I would love to be able to pee anywhere I wanted! I would just walk around the yard and pee everywhere!!
DV: I would masturbate to see what it felt like and have sex with a girl to see what that felt like too.
How would you describe yourself so that someone could pick you out?
DA: I am the loud, big boobed chick with the loud kids J
DV: Short, chubby girl with curly hair and big boobies.
What's the last thought in your head that involved someone you like?
DA: That girl is Cray-Cray!!!!
DV: That girl is awesome sauce
What is a question you want me to ask you?
DA: I guess anything goes! You could ask me about my first time in a sex shop; that was fun…NOT!
DV: What is the worst book you have ever read
What is a question you refuse to answer?
DA: I can’t think of anything that I would refuse to answer; I am pretty much an open book.
DV: How much do you weigh
Any tat's or piercings ? if so where ..
DA: I have 3 tattoos; one on my right shoulder blade, one on my lower back, and one on the inside of my right wrist.
DV: I have two piercings in each ear and a tattoo on my wrist that matches Diva Amanda. They are our best friend tattoos
Biggest turn on?
DA: Dirty talk…..and that is fairly new!
DV: Tattoos! Yet my husband has none…hmmmm. May have to fix that.
Biggest turn off?
DA: Trying to get in the back door…yep, I said it.
DV: Jacked up teeth! A gross smile won’t even get a second glance
A fantasy you haven't fulfilled yet ?
DA: I want to tie my husband up or vice versa, but we haven’t done that yet. Soon….
DV: I work in an office and I’ve still never had desk sex!
Your stand on sex toys ?
DA: I have one; they are great; every woman should have one :D
DV: My night stand is full of them…hehe
Pet peeve?
DA: Copycats….100%
DV: I have so many. #1 would be people who try to talk over me. Just let me finish my dang sentence people!!
So tell us something nobody knows about you?
DA: I am writing a new adult romance novel…..in the early, early stages
DV: I usually wait until I’m in the shower or tub to cry because I am an UGLY crier. Like Kim Kardashian ugly crier.
What did you think while reading these questions ?
DA: They were enlightening!
DV: It’s really hard to come up with answers.
Dominant or Submissive?
DA: I can be both, but if you ask my husband, I tend to call the shots….naughty, right? LOL
DV: Submissive
Thanks again for being here, we had a blast and hope to have you back again soon!

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