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Shayne McClendon Edition: Dare to Tell the Truth with Kayla the Bibliophile

Author Shayne McClendon
What would you say is the most embarrassing thing you have done or had done to you? 

LOL – you lead off with hard ones, huh?  Alright then.  When I first moved out of my house, I was very young – not even sixteen.  I didn’t have fake ID yet and after spending a few weeks in a very nice shelter in South Florida, I rented a guest house from an elderly co-worker.  My somewhat boyfriend at the time came to pick me up on Christmas for dinner and…well, I wasn’t dressed yet.  He waited for me – er, tried – and one thing led to another.  Things were just getting interesting when my landlady busted through the door talking about sin and damnation.  She also told half the people we worked with about it.  Horrifying.

Craziest Fan moment?

Over the last year, I’ve had several marriage proposals, have been asked to join more than a dozen threesomes (by men who just know their wives will “get it” if I’m involved), and have been referred to as a soul mate by no less than seven men and one woman.  I find that insane since they’ve never met me face-to-face and I’m a middle-aged mom, for goodness’ sake.

Favorite book and or author?

This is like picking your favorite CHILD.  Ugh.  All-time favorite book would have to be “Jane Eyre” by Charlotte Brontë – I’ve read it more than 100 times in my life.  I related to Jane and how she felt she didn’t “fit” anywhere.  However, I’m a huge Robin Schone fan, love Lora Leigh’s “Breed” series, and Shelly Laurenston cracks me up with her erotic but redneck shapeshifters.  Until I started publishing, I read about 1-3 books per day.  There are too many to list, honestly.

Pick One!

Import or Muscle car

Muscle car

 One Direction or Justin Bieber?

Holy shit…neither.  LOL – I’m old – I’m more an Eagles or Fleetwood Mac woman.

 White, Dark or Milk Chocolate?

Dark chocolate

 Sam or Dean?

I have no idea what that means.  ;)

Commando, Boxers or Briefs?

Boxer briefs…yum

Damon or Stephan


Wine or Mixed drink?

I have no tolerance for alcohol so I generally avoid it.  If pressed, I’d say Corona.

Coke or Pepsi?

I rarely ever drink soda but if I have a craving, it is typically for Dr. Pepper (PepsiCo product).

Biker boy or Rocker dude? 

I’ve been with several bikers (happiness) but no musicians so I can’t say.  I’d think musicians would have excellent knowledge about music history, etc.  That could lead to hours of…music discovery and…conversation.

Whips or chains?

Good old-fashioned handcuffs.  I’ve held the whip a few times though.

Do you believe in vampires?

I believe in the possibility of ANYTHING.  We actually know very little about our own bodies, the ocean, or the universe at large.  Anything could exist because if we have the ability to imagine it – doesn’t it stand to reason that it might be out there?

If you could have a super power what power would you pick?

Invisibility.  Imagine the good you could do without anyone ever knowing.

Screamer, moaner or silent?

Never silent.  A little bit of moaning, lots of talking, and if you’re very, very good – a screamer.

What would you do with your super power if you had it?

I’d give money to the homeless without them having to look me in the eye – which must me humiliating.  I’d help abused women and children.  I’d do nice things for the elderly without them being afraid.  There is really no end to how much you could do for others.  A lot of people would attribute it to a guardian angel or a loved one who passed.  I’d leave notes saying “pay it forward” everywhere I went.

Would you abuse your super power?  How?

I think I’d probably do the Robin Hood thing…I could see myself doing that to help others.  No, I wouldn’t for myself.

 What is your favorite alcoholic beverage?

I drink every couple of years.  Usually during the Super Bowl I may have a Corona or two. 

Do you ever leave home without panties on?

Not since I had children.  LOL

Have you ever had sex while at work (any job)? If so, where?

Yes.  No comment – I still speak to people from ALL my jobs.

What is the strangest place you ever had sex?

A walk-in cooler.

What turns you on more, reading a sexual story, watching a porn or listening to sex?

Porn and listening to sex get the engine revving but I prefer to imagine all the action myself.  Reading allows me to do that and the “high” lasts longer.

What profession do you find the most arousing sexually?

Ooooh, that’s a hard one.  I’ve dated blue collar, executives, bartenders, police and firemen, teachers, etc.  I dated a rugby player once and he was a lot of fun.  Honestly, the profession or what someone makes is kind of meaningless to me – I support myself and bust my ass doing it.  Whatever he does during the day just doesn’t matter.  I like a man who can still enjoy getting “dressed up” for a special occasion without whining about wearing a tie.  That is fucking annoying.

Does size matter?

You can have a big dick and suck in bed.  You can have a small one and rock a woman’s world.  The lesson is – pay attention and know when your partner is FAKING IT because that is bullshit.

Do you or have you ever had a “cop” fantasy?

Had it.  Fulfilled it.  Good times.

Do you or have you ever had a “Delivery Guy” or “Service Man” fantasy?

I’m beginning to sound like a slut. 

If you were on a bus and got a glimpse up a pantiless girl’s skirt would you keep looking?

Nah.  I’d tell her to close her legs or probably bust out laughing.

What is the strangest sexual experience you’ve had?

The FOOT thing.  I don’t get it.  Feet don’t gross me out or anything but when you’re 19 and used to “vanilla” and some guy asks you to stroke him off with your feet, you get an RCA-dog look on your face. 

Funniest sexual experience you've ever had?

OMG – I dated a woman in my early 20’s who was great.  We both laughed ALL the time.  It wasn’t love or anything but we had a lot of fun.  We were in the middle of serious foreplay one night when she suddenly got gas – we died laughing.  The more she laughed, the worse it got until we were crying from laughing so hard.  Sounded like a muffled machine gun.  We never went back to eat at that Thai place.  LOL

Most embarrassing sexual experience?

Having a really huge construction worker who drank too much and couldn’t stay hard.  I could tell he was freaking out about it and that was making me embarrassed for him.  I ended up making him laugh, talking to him until he fell asleep.  He made it up to me the next day.

What would you do if you could be a guy for a day?

Masturbate.  No shit.  I don’t know that I’d leave my house. 

How would you describe yourself so that someone could pick you out?

Middle-aged, 5’6”, a little frumpy, pale skin, red hair, and sometimes I wear glasses.  I also (strangely) wear a lot of pink. 

What's the last thought in your head that involved someone you like?

Having him take me for coffee and make me laugh.  Kissing me up against a wall.  It was a dream I had. 

What is a question you want me to ask you?

Hmm…not sure. 

What is a question you refuse to answer?

I don’t know that there is one.  I’m pretty brutally honest and open.

Any tat's or piercings?  If so where...?

Earrings.  One tat of a Celtic knot on my sternum just below my bra line.

Biggest turn on?

Rough – not painful – sex.  For that reason, I prefer a man stronger than me.

Biggest turn off?

Lack of hygiene.  You can do the smelliest job on the planet and I will not care if you shower.  A man fresh out of the shower is so fabulous.

A fantasy you haven't fulfilled yet?

Oh!  That waterfall scenario – though in reality you’d probably feel like you were drowning. 

Your stand on sex toys?

Nothing that vibrates – I had a period of time where I became desensitized from vibrating toys.  Never again.  However, I’m open to the rest.

Pet peeve?

“Daddy” crap.  Ugh…I hate that.  With my childhood, I don’t dress up as a little girl and I won’t call anyone “Daddy” – that kills any possible mood.

So tell us something nobody knows about you?

Not sure what I haven’t shared – I pretty much tell my followers on Good Girl everything.  If I have a question about the “logistics” of a scene, I Google porn to find an example.  Only if it’s something I’ve never done before.  I also look for specific names of BDSM devices which I’ve seen and participated with before – just didn’t know what the hell they were called.  My browser history is insane.

What did you think while reading these questions?

I just kept wondering what you could possibly ask me next!

Dominant or Submissive?

I’ve been Dominant with women.  Submissive with men.  Middle of the road (like most people) most of the time. 

Thanks again for being here, we had a blast and hope to have you back again soon.  Did you have anything else you’d like to say before we go?

Thank you for having me!  These were fun to answer.  

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  1. Already Knew most of those answers ;) ;)
    I have met Shayne in real life....She's anything but ""Frumpy""!!! She is very Funny and Loves to laugh!!! I found her answers Comical, however devotedly truthful!!! One of the reasons i follow her and love her very much!!!!
    Great Interview and if ya wana know just ASK!!! ;) ;)